sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

And the in laws are gone!

Gosh! I can hardly believe my MIL and SIL are back to Rio de Janeiro!
My SIL is the most adorable, funny and darling person ever.
But my MIL is the worst bitch ever! :o(
Well... DH is a darling and my FIL was a very nice guy too, so I guess it would be too much to expect the whole family could be like that, uh?
Anyway...they come to spend Carnaval with us: a complete week. I was counting every single minute with the old lady. Being around her make me sick. Really! She is short, and maybe it’s one of the reasons she needs to speak so loud: to make sure ppl will hear her! Is that possible?
Plus she uses ugly words all the time! I mean ALL THE TIME! Many times I feel like I am talking to an ex con or a rapper, or a combo of both of them.
I talked to DH many times about that. He knows how hard it’s to me to have her around but there was nothing he could possibly do: the lady was here and I needed to deal with it.
Thank God they stayed in a hotel! They came with a group and all the ppl stayed in the same hotel. It was across the city, so the darn lady would give me some rest at least by night, when I could find some time to sleep.
The last week I spent driving them around the city (I don’t drive, so this task was up with DH, but I needed to go with them even way), which means no stitching time, no getting late time, no my non human babies time. I do think I have all reasons to be much stressed right now...
Each time that woman said a group of 5 words, at least 2 were ugly names. It was like she was slapping me in the face each time...:o( What do you do when you have somebody slapping you in the face?
I tried to follow a friend’s advice “keep a cross stitch work hidden at the bathroom and run to there from time to time. Say you are having some stomach problems and be there for around 15 minutes. Sit on the floor and relax a bit. Just a few stitches can be quite healing. Try to take a shower or to take a nap in the middle of the day.” But I was with them ALL the time. I could not do that but that thought always made me smile. No wonder I picked a city to live that is around 1,500 km away from her!
Lots of ppl might think I am being too picky, I know that...but I see things like that: there are ppl who are not very comfortable in small places; other ones don’t really like high places. I have issues with noise and ugly words said with no good reason. Don’t get me wrong: I am not a puritan! But come on!
She says she is too old to change. I think a lady (or a guy) who can’t change or learn or modify the way she sees things is half dead. She just doesn’t know that. Not yet. Really hope I don’t become like this when I am her age.
DH is planning to come to Rio by March or maybe later this year. One way or another we probably will be traveling to our home town in the following months because his work maybe sends him to another city. I already told him “hun, I love you, but... I know it’s your mom and your family, but you better get used to the fact I am not going to do that again. By our next trip to Rio, plz, just forget me.” Planning to stay at my mom’s only. Don’t have a very close relationship with my sis but it’s better she than my MIL. Anything is better than my MIL.
So, girls... I am happy I am back again! :o)

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Jennifer disse...

I know what you mean about the language. I'm no puritan either, but constantly hearing such words can really put a damper on your mood and stress you out. I'm sorry you had such a miserable time with her, but at least the rest of the family was nice.

Carol R disse...

I don't like bad language either - there's absolutely no need for it. I hope that MIL doesn't read your blog or maybe it would be good if she did - she would understand how much she upsets you! Have a great weekend.

Janaina disse...

Thank you girls for the nice words...Yes, some me-time will be much apreciated!:o)I am already back to stitch and things are gettng better, althought I can still hear her voice in my head:o( Lol...