quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2009


So I got this awful, awful flue... Thank God it's not the piggie one, but still. It sucks and I am sick like a dog! =/

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some great news! Two of my PIF gifts had reached their new homes! Yaaay! =D
Here's what I made for Jinger. Hope there's space for some blue birdies at her kitchen... =)

This pattern I got from Nukkay. Here you can get the design. I thought it was such a pretty design I could't hold myself from stitching it on a tea towel for Jinger.

Here's what I made for Viv, at the UK. Tried to make it as greenish and as Irish as I could! LOL. =D

Also I got Gaby's gift, by the time I was at Rio with my family, meeting Flávia, my baby-niece (ok... I know I have to update you on this too... Shame on me!), but have no pic yet. Sorry for that girl! I'm already using that lovely biscornu! =)