quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Back on track and talking about Rio

Hi, everybody!
I think I was sad for enough time: bragged a bit, whined a lot, cried (I do that when extremely pissed on something) and wanted to smash somebody's face. Almost gave up on something very special and important to me... But eventually, I moved on. There're not much options apart from that, uh? =/ Must believe things are gonna get better one way or another. Faith... In the end, its all about faith.
Anyways... I went to Rio, for a few days: I'm now the newest very proud Godmother of baby Flávia, my niece. =)
Here are the pics I want to share with you girls!

Oh, hai!

She was sooo pretty on her dress! Godmother's gift! =)


She wasnt very happy when the Father drop all that water over her head... Cried and kicked as much as she could, lol. Must be scary... She finally went to mommy's arms (my sister) and fell asleep.

Bug off

"Bug off" face... lmao

I also enjoyed my time back at my home town to go to the downtown area o the city. Its plenty of history and beautiful architecture. It couldn't be diff, since Rio was for a long time the capital city of Brazil.(Its Brasília from the 60's on).


Lots of comercial buildings.


Pictures dont make any justice to this cathedral.


When at Rio I could never miss the chance to visit the CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil). Its a culture place filled with exhibitions, teather, cinema, etc...

Coffee and books

After your 1st step into the place, theres no way your chin doesnt hit the floor: the architecture is amazing!!!! At the right side you have a books shop and over it a cozy, super fancy cafe.

Oooh time

Time for a "ooooh" and a "aaahhh".


CCBB was placed in a 1906's building, that was initially used as a headquarter of the bank from the 20's on.

The back side

The back side of the 1st floor.

Looking from the upper floor

Looking from above you can have a better idea on how beautiful this place is.


Unfortunately no cams were allowed on the exhibitions areas... Shame... There were plenty! Absolutely awesome works and interesting stuff. Well... this skylight is quite a piece of art too, so, I can't complain. =)

On a stitching note, I started and finished this towels set while at Rio.I was planning on keeping it for myself, but... After mom saying "oh, God... I know you keep almost none of your works for yourself... But... This one is coming along sooooo nice!!!" there was no way I could back home with this set with me, uh? LMAO

Hearts towels set for mom

What do you girls think? It was really nice to stitch, tho unbelievebly thread and time consuming. I like the final effect too... Plz forgive me all the wrinkles!! I took the pic right after taking the towels out from the dryer! Lol. I finished it hrs before my flight and left the set with my sis to surprise mom after I left. =)

Thank you all, dear friends, for all kind mesages left here. Really touched my heart! Super duper kiss on each one of you!

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stitcheranon disse...

Lovley lovely pictures...and what a beautiful baby!

Janaina disse...


socialsue disse...

loved those pictures of Rio.... ur mom is right that the designs on the set of towels is lovely !!!!
I'll bet u will spoil ur niece...don't we all do that to babies? LOL


Blu disse...

What beautiful pictures of Rio!
Your niece is adorable!

Stephanie M. disse...

Rio look wonderful, would love to visit sometime. Looks like you had a really great time. Your towels turned out beautiful, what a great gift for you Mother.

♥ Nia disse...

Somos como os leões, temos de parar para lamber as feridas e deixar sarar ;)

Lindas fotos do Rio!
Mas adorei mesmo foi a Flávia :D oh como é gostoso ser madrinha de uma pequenina de quem gostamos tanto, não é? :D

Ficaram muito bonitas as toalhas :)
É verdade, parece que não mas esse tipo de gráfico consome muita linha! A mim cansa-me mais fazer um bordado assim, quase na mesma cor, do que variar por 50 cores heheheh Valeu a pena o trabalho, o efeito de degradé ficou muito giro :D
Gosto muito de ver os teus bordados! Espero que logo apareças com mais produções :)

Abraço gigaaaaaaaaaaaaaante =)

Gillie disse...

You are a lovely daughter to do that! Gorgeous pictures of the buildings AND the baby!

Meari disse...

Beautiful towels, and your little god daughter is so precious. Look at those big eyes :)

nima disse...

wow..awesome pictures and lovely stitching...

Anônimo disse...

Those are lovely pictures. Your niece is adorable.