domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011


Yaaay! Another brand new year. Don't you just love the renovation feeling? I surely do. Proof of that is my New Year Resolutions' list. Even more important than saving money and travelling more, losing weight is my top priority this year. Forty pounds would be my goal, but I understand I maybe end up looking not so good if I get that thin... Lets see...  One pound and a half per month sounds doable for me. That way I would have even some room for a couple bad months on the way to my goal. Like my sister, I just don't have the patience to wait for the results. I want the results, and I want them now. In a be perfect world I would diet and work out as much as I could and be 10 pounds thinner after 1 week... *sighs* When it doesnt happen, I feel frustrated and give up on everything. Hopefully this year'll be diff and I'll stick with it for the next 52 weeks.

Yesterday I already started my program ( in fact I started it last November, by coming back to the gym. I wanted to start 2011 already on track) with a long fast ( as much fast as I could. Lol). There're those hills nearby my home and I send around 1 hour going up and down. I even managed to run a bit! Yaay me! I'll be happy if I can do something like this at leats 5 days/week. Fingers crossed!
What about you? What's on your list for this year?