segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Mini Mystery RR is back home!

Yaaaaay! My Mini Mystery RR is back home! It traveled quite a lot! Started with Kate, at the US, heading up to Canada to spend a few days with Sue, crossing the Atlantic till Toni's house, at the UK and then backing home to the sunny lands of Brazil. Phew! I get tired with the thought! =P
The idea here is, you stitch something on a piece of Aida or linnen or whatever the fabric is. You pass it along to a friend who must figure out what the theme is and stitch something for you. We were a group of 4 and each girl ends up with an unique needlework piece. Here's mine!!!!!!! =)


My theme was girly, pinkish animals. I was thinking on turning it into a pillow for Ana Flávia, my niece and about to be godchild, but as I already gave her one,as you can see here, Im thinking about something else... Any ideas are really very welcome! =)
I have Kate's piece with me now, and already have it all ready to start stitching. I just loooove RR's! Dont you?!