sexta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2008

What happened this week

Husband went to he country side of the state , because of his job, and took a few pics I thought you girls would enjoy to see.
This village is named Nossa Senhora da Glória (something like Our Holy Lady of Glory) and it´s very far away from Aracaju, the city here we live.Amost all country side villages and cities are quite similar.If you see one, you see all.

Here you see the church and the park.

Here the home made sweets shop. It's a very famous place, despite it's in a very small farm.

Milk, pumpkin, banana, coconut, jaca, you name it and she has the sweet made with that!:o)Many ppl come from other states just to buy them!I am just nuts about the milk and cocnut little balls.

The shop is really small but, oh, boy... full of yumy little pots!

Thee are also cockies!!!!!:o)

So... during the time he was out he made a new friend..

Seems like they get really close...

Oh boy, ...I know that look!:o) Glad he didn't start thinking about taking his new pal with him! My poodles would not be very happy with that!

Jackie´s bday gift is done!:o)

And I am so proud!:o) It turned out so pleasant!Amazing how tiny it's! I guess it´s the smallest piece I have ever made!
Jacie's bday is by May and I am suer happy I have t done so earlier!
Great way to wait for the weekend!

quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2008

Now I can show...

...what I have sent to my partner, Rita , as her Valentine's Day Exch.!:o)I made her a tea towel and have choosen some Jeremiah Junction designs I sorted out from a larger sampler.It was a delight to stitch.

Here the goodies I included.

Hope you had have a great Valentine's Day, Rita, even I am being late on the arriving... Well... Budapest is really distant from Brasil!:o)

Flowers everywhere

My very dear Christine, from Hanna,IN (USA) is about to get older!:o)So this time I get her bday gift ready earlier! Her kitchen is all decorated in shades of blue and yellow and, by the pics we share all the time at MSN, I know for sure she is a flowers lover.
This piece has another hidden meaning too: yellow and green are the colors of the Brazilian flag.:o)

Hope she likes it!

terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2008

I got my Valentines exch.!:o)


I got it from Joanne , by Crazy Exchanges!I am getting hooked on pinkeepers!Love that one, sweet Joanne!
The notes and letters that come with the exchanges are the part I like the most, almost as much as the piece itself. Specially the handwritting ones... I feel so special when I get something like this!
Socks, sweets, floss and needles! What a great Valentine's Exch.!Love it all!

Take a look at the lovely ribbon she sent me!Planning to use it in a pinkeeper.

segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

Tag... You're it!

Jennifer tagged me on her blog, Sweet Peas, to post 7 things about myself that people may not know, following the rules below. So I'll start with my seven weird or random facts, and then tag my fellow bloggers.

1.I hate Zoos...Don´t really think animals are supposed to be encaged. No matter how good heart or scientific reasons.

2.I think petite girls are super beautiful and I wish I could look like that. In my country I am consider a very tall girl (1,73m) and sometimes I feel like a drag queen, no matter how low profile looking I try to use...:o)

3.I am not afraid of die. I am afraid of getting old and dependable of other ppl and get in any kinda pain. There´s nothings worst than that.

4.I am not a good house keeper... I am a mess maker! Thank God I am married to a very understand guy who is always saying "I married you, not somebody to keep the house clean":o) Lucky me!

5. I am decided not to die before hang gliding or para gliding over Rio de Janeiro bay, to go in a cruise or see snow in real life.

6. I am a serial starter, in all fields of my life. Finshing things is something I need to work on hard.

7. I am a truly Saggie person: passionate to the end, in all meanings. Can make a holiday parade if someone give me the smallest gift ever, and will treasure it forever.The sad thing is: I hope ppl to be the same and many times that´s just not possible. Ppl are not all like me.

And now, the rules....


1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post THE RULES on your blog.

3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

And now the 7 bloggers I'm tagging:
-Carol R.

-Carol S.

(If you've already done this, you don't have to do it again, but let me know if you do do it so I can come and see!)

I was fobbed!:o)

Yaaaaay! I got my Fob parcel from Mrs Heather R.:o)

She sent me bath fizz, chocolates a note book handmade heart shapped wood buttons and a lovely fob attached to a cute scissor.

Isnt it cute?!

Here the lovely note she included to the box.

Now I just want my partner to get her parcel too... What a great way to start a week!
Thank you one more time, Heather!

sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2008

Fill your heart with sweetness

DH just made me a surprise today...:o)
I was out , and he just came home all the sudden, in the middle of the day to leave this nice surprise over the bed: my fav home made sweets!It´s a very typical coconut and milk sweet the locals make here. I not even know the name. There´s nothing like that back in Rio, as far as I know.Not here in Aracaju either: a friend of him went to a small city in the country side of the state and he ordered the little pack.How cute is that?
They keep it in some kinda sugar sauce. Absolutely delicious! I eat it like a child: whith my fingers. He is not a big fond of sweets so it´s all mine!Oooops... can´t keep typing.I am making a mess on the keyboard!:o)
End of transmission!

sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008

My likes and deslikes

So for the ones who are in an exchange with me, here you can find some info that might help you...
I am a cross stitcher, completely addicted, lost case kinda stitcher. My favorite cross stitch designers are:
-Margaret Sherry
-Lucie Heaton
-Natasha Mlodetski
-AOY (All Our Yesterdays)
-Alma Lynne
-Lizzie Kate
-Jeremiah Junction
-Country Companions (specially the mouse and the hedgehogs)
-S. Bush
-Little House Designs
-Country Cottage Needleworks
-The Sweetheart Tree
-Just Nan
I like the silly, girly, bubbly, cute, very colorful, sassy and funny charts. Love to laugh with some funny saying added to the stitched piece. It´s not really about “what” is the chart, but the way it was designed. The goofier it´s, the more I love. Anything funny and unusual I use to like.

Pinkeeps, FOB’s, pincushions, biscornus, bookmarks, needlerolls...I like all of it. I prefer the smaller ones. Red work, Black work, Assisi, Hardanger, all kinda hand made embroidery works... I know there are many kinda needlework I still haven’t had the chance to see, so... Educate me, plz!Big fan of patchwork and quilting.

Love pieces with a function: a wall hanging with some pockets so I can use as a letters case, a mini panel where I can store scissor and other stitching tools, table towel, all sort of baggies, from the mini ones, to store needlework tools and charts/magazines, to the larger ones, so I can carry it to everywhere I go, small basckets.

Love polka dots, checked, stripes, little bees and flowerish patterns of fabrics .Again, if it’s girlish, cozy, country cottage inspired I like.I love Xmas! Anything related to Xmas I love! In my country, our Xmas is by Summer, so if you have any ornie or wall hanging with a groovy Santa in sandals and shorts, wearing sunglasses, surfing, drinking a margarita by the beach, laying down the sand to get that perfect suntan, or walking at the sea side with some funky Mrs. Santa in a small bikini and a pony tail, go for that! That would make MUCH more sense here than a Santa all covered in snow...It seems that ppl don’t think that there are ones who celebrate Xmas down the Ecuador line.. Go figure!

I love music! Would be great to get a CD burned by you. Love to listen to new things. Surprise me! I have been introduced to great music from my outsider friends in the past. Don’t be afraid: I probably will like! If it can come with the lyrics/translations... even better!

I don’t do cartonage, but love it! All sizes of boxes covered with regular fabric or stitched fabric. Also cookie or tea tins. Covered or not. Love the antique, vintage look of the old tins. I can use them to store lots of things. If you want to be my hero, send me one little Altoid tin, empty is ok too, and I will love you forever!Little glass pots too. I can store beads and buttons in them. And all it’s needed to be done is to add a fancy ribbon or a little bucket of dried flowers to the top part of it.

Also I can’t knit, but would just LOVE to get a pair of knitted socks!!!!! I’m size 6! Some dark color like navy blue or forest green...Mmm... With some small colorful detail, so it doesn’t get too much serious... Serious is something I am not, definitely! I am a dog lover: LOVE EVERYTHING RELATED TO THEM! No matter the brand or the age. If it comes in fur and barks, I love.
I collect: cute 2 or 4 holes buttons. Apples, houses, stars, birds, snowppl, trees, flowers, bees, bee hives, bird houses, ladybugs, animals, hearts, xmessy... No matter the material: wood, hard plastic, ceramic, metal, clay, hand made or not. Antique looking scissors, specially the small ones.
I always need some more fabric, so some linnen or evenwave, would be very very welcome. I like the soft light colors, (white, ivory, light yellow, light pink, light creams.) Love the natural, stonish shades too, like light gray or brownish, kinda cocoa shades. 28 ct I like the best, but would love to try some other counting too.

Something really very important: if there’ any way you can add your name/country/date (just the year is ok) to the piece, plz, do it. Like to have that info on the pieces my friends make to me... So I can remember them many years later.

Completely lost case when it turns about candies.... I am a giant ant! Like specially gummie bears, and fruited sweets. Love tea! All kinda! Love to taste new flavors.

I am a compulsive reader: I can read even the Yellow pages. So if you have any pocket book just covered in dust at your garage, sending it to me could be a good idea. I like mystery and crime thrillers, also history and biography. Some old craft magazine would be nice too. I really don’t care about new ones: I like the oldies and believe in the “re-use and recycle” motto. Love to learn new crafts and things that I can use to embellish my cross stitched pieces.
Some interesting tutorial you find on line would be great! I am always looking for new finishing techniques.

Just love anything from far away lands, typical stuff from your place. Of course a letter explaining what is it and a bit of its history is also suitable.

Scents: fruited (watermelon, strawberry, cherry, tangerine,) and flowerish (violets, orchids).
Fav. flower: daisies, daffodils, dandelions, violets, pansies, wild little flowers.

Really don’t like:
-the super huge and intricate kinda designs, i.e.: Mirabilia and HAED.
-cigarrette smells

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Got mail!

Was chatting the other day with Toni, from UK... We do that quite often! Lol. Amazing how easy it is to talk to her!
She is a huge fan of buying on line, and I am (((SUCH))) a chicken!:o(
Anyhoo... she kindly offered herself to get me this amazing book on eBay and sent it to me. Now tell me: is she a sweetie or what?!She got the book in around 24 hrs I guess, and was so impressed with it that imediately got her one copy too! Now I am thinking on start a project with her, where we both try to make one of the little houses.

Take a look at the lovely note!

Oh my... here are the projects that started it all... I just love those little houses!Arent they lovely?

And she also included that:Chocolate, ribbons (very useful for my upcoming projects!) and draw from her sweet 2 yo little girl, Sarah!:o) Isnt it cute, or what?

sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

And the in laws are gone!

Gosh! I can hardly believe my MIL and SIL are back to Rio de Janeiro!
My SIL is the most adorable, funny and darling person ever.
But my MIL is the worst bitch ever! :o(
Well... DH is a darling and my FIL was a very nice guy too, so I guess it would be too much to expect the whole family could be like that, uh?
Anyway...they come to spend Carnaval with us: a complete week. I was counting every single minute with the old lady. Being around her make me sick. Really! She is short, and maybe it’s one of the reasons she needs to speak so loud: to make sure ppl will hear her! Is that possible?
Plus she uses ugly words all the time! I mean ALL THE TIME! Many times I feel like I am talking to an ex con or a rapper, or a combo of both of them.
I talked to DH many times about that. He knows how hard it’s to me to have her around but there was nothing he could possibly do: the lady was here and I needed to deal with it.
Thank God they stayed in a hotel! They came with a group and all the ppl stayed in the same hotel. It was across the city, so the darn lady would give me some rest at least by night, when I could find some time to sleep.
The last week I spent driving them around the city (I don’t drive, so this task was up with DH, but I needed to go with them even way), which means no stitching time, no getting late time, no my non human babies time. I do think I have all reasons to be much stressed right now...
Each time that woman said a group of 5 words, at least 2 were ugly names. It was like she was slapping me in the face each time...:o( What do you do when you have somebody slapping you in the face?
I tried to follow a friend’s advice “keep a cross stitch work hidden at the bathroom and run to there from time to time. Say you are having some stomach problems and be there for around 15 minutes. Sit on the floor and relax a bit. Just a few stitches can be quite healing. Try to take a shower or to take a nap in the middle of the day.” But I was with them ALL the time. I could not do that but that thought always made me smile. No wonder I picked a city to live that is around 1,500 km away from her!
Lots of ppl might think I am being too picky, I know that...but I see things like that: there are ppl who are not very comfortable in small places; other ones don’t really like high places. I have issues with noise and ugly words said with no good reason. Don’t get me wrong: I am not a puritan! But come on!
She says she is too old to change. I think a lady (or a guy) who can’t change or learn or modify the way she sees things is half dead. She just doesn’t know that. Not yet. Really hope I don’t become like this when I am her age.
DH is planning to come to Rio by March or maybe later this year. One way or another we probably will be traveling to our home town in the following months because his work maybe sends him to another city. I already told him “hun, I love you, but... I know it’s your mom and your family, but you better get used to the fact I am not going to do that again. By our next trip to Rio, plz, just forget me.” Planning to stay at my mom’s only. Don’t have a very close relationship with my sis but it’s better she than my MIL. Anything is better than my MIL.
So, girls... I am happy I am back again! :o)