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My likes and deslikes

So for the ones who are in an exchange with me, here you can find some info that might help you...
I am a cross stitcher, completely addicted, lost case kinda stitcher. My favorite cross stitch designers are:
-Margaret Sherry
-Lucie Heaton
-Natasha Mlodetski
-AOY (All Our Yesterdays)
-Alma Lynne
-Lizzie Kate
-Jeremiah Junction
-Country Companions (specially the mouse and the hedgehogs)
-S. Bush
-Little House Designs
-Country Cottage Needleworks
-The Sweetheart Tree
-Just Nan
I like the silly, girly, bubbly, cute, very colorful, sassy and funny charts. Love to laugh with some funny saying added to the stitched piece. It´s not really about “what” is the chart, but the way it was designed. The goofier it´s, the more I love. Anything funny and unusual I use to like.

Pinkeeps, FOB’s, pincushions, biscornus, bookmarks, needlerolls...I like all of it. I prefer the smaller ones. Red work, Black work, Assisi, Hardanger, all kinda hand made embroidery works... I know there are many kinda needlework I still haven’t had the chance to see, so... Educate me, plz!Big fan of patchwork and quilting.

Love pieces with a function: a wall hanging with some pockets so I can use as a letters case, a mini panel where I can store scissor and other stitching tools, table towel, all sort of baggies, from the mini ones, to store needlework tools and charts/magazines, to the larger ones, so I can carry it to everywhere I go, small basckets.

Love polka dots, checked, stripes, little bees and flowerish patterns of fabrics .Again, if it’s girlish, cozy, country cottage inspired I like.I love Xmas! Anything related to Xmas I love! In my country, our Xmas is by Summer, so if you have any ornie or wall hanging with a groovy Santa in sandals and shorts, wearing sunglasses, surfing, drinking a margarita by the beach, laying down the sand to get that perfect suntan, or walking at the sea side with some funky Mrs. Santa in a small bikini and a pony tail, go for that! That would make MUCH more sense here than a Santa all covered in snow...It seems that ppl don’t think that there are ones who celebrate Xmas down the Ecuador line.. Go figure!

I love music! Would be great to get a CD burned by you. Love to listen to new things. Surprise me! I have been introduced to great music from my outsider friends in the past. Don’t be afraid: I probably will like! If it can come with the lyrics/translations... even better!

I don’t do cartonage, but love it! All sizes of boxes covered with regular fabric or stitched fabric. Also cookie or tea tins. Covered or not. Love the antique, vintage look of the old tins. I can use them to store lots of things. If you want to be my hero, send me one little Altoid tin, empty is ok too, and I will love you forever!Little glass pots too. I can store beads and buttons in them. And all it’s needed to be done is to add a fancy ribbon or a little bucket of dried flowers to the top part of it.

Also I can’t knit, but would just LOVE to get a pair of knitted socks!!!!! I’m size 6! Some dark color like navy blue or forest green...Mmm... With some small colorful detail, so it doesn’t get too much serious... Serious is something I am not, definitely! I am a dog lover: LOVE EVERYTHING RELATED TO THEM! No matter the brand or the age. If it comes in fur and barks, I love.
I collect: cute 2 or 4 holes buttons. Apples, houses, stars, birds, snowppl, trees, flowers, bees, bee hives, bird houses, ladybugs, animals, hearts, xmessy... No matter the material: wood, hard plastic, ceramic, metal, clay, hand made or not. Antique looking scissors, specially the small ones.
I always need some more fabric, so some linnen or evenwave, would be very very welcome. I like the soft light colors, (white, ivory, light yellow, light pink, light creams.) Love the natural, stonish shades too, like light gray or brownish, kinda cocoa shades. 28 ct I like the best, but would love to try some other counting too.

Something really very important: if there’ any way you can add your name/country/date (just the year is ok) to the piece, plz, do it. Like to have that info on the pieces my friends make to me... So I can remember them many years later.

Completely lost case when it turns about candies.... I am a giant ant! Like specially gummie bears, and fruited sweets. Love tea! All kinda! Love to taste new flavors.

I am a compulsive reader: I can read even the Yellow pages. So if you have any pocket book just covered in dust at your garage, sending it to me could be a good idea. I like mystery and crime thrillers, also history and biography. Some old craft magazine would be nice too. I really don’t care about new ones: I like the oldies and believe in the “re-use and recycle” motto. Love to learn new crafts and things that I can use to embellish my cross stitched pieces.
Some interesting tutorial you find on line would be great! I am always looking for new finishing techniques.

Just love anything from far away lands, typical stuff from your place. Of course a letter explaining what is it and a bit of its history is also suitable.

Scents: fruited (watermelon, strawberry, cherry, tangerine,) and flowerish (violets, orchids).
Fav. flower: daisies, daffodils, dandelions, violets, pansies, wild little flowers.

Really don’t like:
-the super huge and intricate kinda designs, i.e.: Mirabilia and HAED.
-cigarrette smells

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