sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Seems like another life...

Oh my Godness... Can you just believe it? Over 5 months and absolutely zero postings!  Yes, I know. Not that I didn't want to... I was just living a moment in my life where everthing seemed to be in a hold. You know, when you have lots of plans and one thing after another just dont come out the way you expect? Well, it still is on the hold, and I just HATE it, but I think I'm better on managing it now.I was never good coping w/ frustrations and I dont think I will get much better doing it any sooner.  Anyways, I was really missing you guys and it was about time for the needles to get busy again, right?  Hee hee..

Recently I got the itch to stitch again and, oh boy, thanks for that. I've lots of works to show! Yaay! Let's see...Where to start? Oh, yes!

Shiny Room Designs - SR - P30

 This is the 3rd block I stitched for the Krafts Korner Charity Quilts, owned by Mary. I opted to stitch this design for the "Hearts, Bows & lots of Pink" themed quilt because I'm just as girly ! LOL. I really love all those Korean super cute mega "kawaii" style designs.

Right after the one above, I jumped on this lovely project here. I just love the final result! Dont you? Isn't it plain cuuuuute?


Since I was on the mood, I started a new project right away. Another SODA design. It was my 1st time stitching one of those, and I got addicted in a heart beat. Well... I guess you guys can tell, uh? LOL.


All blocks are washed and ironed, just waiting if I will have the time for another one, so Mary can get them all at once from the mailman. I will probably need a little truck to take all the pendant mail I have to post right now... Hee hee.

Now, changing topics... It's almost that time of the year again, and I was starting to sort out ideas for a few very special gifts. I decided to xxx a Xmas stocking for my mom this year. Untill last night I was sure I was gonna work with this one with the little angels, and though I have thought it was a bit too childish looking for a 62 years old lady, it's really lovely! I found this other one, very colorful and festive, and I think it's beautiful too! The greatest thing about this one is that it would give me the chance to use all those half skeins I have on my box. Now the cruel decision... Which one to stitch?!

I decided I could get some help from you guys and I'm counting on you for that task. Witch one of the above stockings do you think I should stitch for my mom? Please, tell me your suggestion on the comments section! I would love to hear from you!

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Mary disse...

Love all your stitching! Hmmm, hard choice between the stockings, I like them both. But, the festive one is screaming at me at this moment..LOL!

Lindsay disse...

The festive one definately

Dinny Ristinia disse...

It's good to have you back on blogging :)
I love the festive one, so colorful..!

Mylene disse...

Good to see you back! Those are really, really cute finishes.
I go for the festive heirloom.

Happy weekend!

Tracey disse...

Welcome back! My blogging was lacking this summer too so don't feel bad.. your finishes are so cute! I like the stocking on the right, the festive one.

Joke disse...

Hey girl,m I missed you!! Good to see you back :) Lovely works.

J Rae disse...

So glad to see you back!!! :-)

LOVE the cute little designs you stitched up. Soooooooooooo cute!!!

Hope life is more back to normal for you.

Blu disse...

Good to see you back! You've finished so many cute designs!

Go with the Festive one!

Scattered Threads disse...

I understand the holding pattern in your life. I have seem to have had a quite a few of them this past year.
The stitched pieces you've posted are awfully cute, very pretty, and very girly. I resemble that remark. LOL.
For the stocking, I opt for the "happier" look/colors on the right.
And, "Thanks for visiting."

too_busy_to_stitch disse...

Oh it is good to hear from you, girl! I prefer the stocking on the right.

Sharon disse...

They are adorable! Congrats!

Meari disse...

Your finishes are adorable! Glad to see you back posting.

Carolyn NC disse...

Great finishes!

Isabella Morais disse...

Janinha, eu estava com saudades dos teus posts! Dos teus vc!

Ainda bem que vc voltou! Obrigada por ter voltado pra gente!

Te amuuuu...

♥ Nia disse...

Welcome back girl!!! :D