sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2008

Fill your heart with sweetness

DH just made me a surprise today...:o)
I was out , and he just came home all the sudden, in the middle of the day to leave this nice surprise over the bed: my fav home made sweets!It´s a very typical coconut and milk sweet the locals make here. I not even know the name. There´s nothing like that back in Rio, as far as I know.Not here in Aracaju either: a friend of him went to a small city in the country side of the state and he ordered the little pack.How cute is that?
They keep it in some kinda sugar sauce. Absolutely delicious! I eat it like a child: whith my fingers. He is not a big fond of sweets so it´s all mine!Oooops... can´t keep typing.I am making a mess on the keyboard!:o)
End of transmission!

3 comentários:

Jennifer disse...

Come see me - I've tagged you!

Ruth disse...

Oh good work, Mr. J! Happy Valentines, my friend :)

Carol R disse...

They look really yummy sweeties - lucky you!