quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

One simple question

Do you believe its possible to happens a genuine, honest friendship between a man and a woman? No sex, no drama, no nothing, but plain good hearted friendship.
Im really curious on what you girls think...

quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

Something Every Day

I was introduced to this tune back in Nov. 9th 2009 (yes, I remember the exact moment of it). Awesome memories... Yesterday someone reminded me about this song and since then thats pretty much all I've been listenning to. Lol. Just can't have enough of Corinne and those super sweet memories...

segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010

Another 2009 finishing

Good morning guys!
This was the last swap I was in last year. Its from a Flickr group I'm in and I was lucky enough to be paired again with one of my favourite girls in there (they are all great crafters and absolutely adorable girls, I must say!)

Cross stitched evenwave band sewed on tea towel
(picture by Isabella Morais)

Isa is "just" the photo ninja in the group so I asked her to let me post those 2 here at my blog. I dunno how she does it, but all her pics are so clear and neat and she always makes such pretty productions on them... I admit: I am jealous! Lol. =)

Goodies sent along
(picture by Isabella Morais

This swap was to celebrate the group's annyversary and I tried to send her all goodies I thought she would like. She is also the "sewing machine ninja"! Lol. Cant wait to see what beautiful things she is gonna make with the tiny flowers fabric I sent her! Oh, that lil square thingy, where you can see "Aracaju/SE" is a ceramic magnet, painted by a local artist. =)
Hope you all are having a great day! Its raining here, such a relief after those last really hot days.
Hugs to all!

domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

First finishing of the year!!!

From Cross Stitcher - Britain's No.1 Issue 210 (March 2009)

Ok, so it's really a way tiny lil finishing to start the year, but come on... Lol. It IS a finishing, right? And a waaay late one, may I say!

This is the Mini Mystery RR I signed in last year. Kate, from Nebraska/USA (dunno if she has a blog or some other space online) is the owner of this piece, and according to her, its gonna be turned into a gift for her British cab driver fiancée! Isnt it just sweet?! =)
Well, it took me forever to find the perfect design for this RR... Geee... Eventually my dearest friend Vickie helped me out with it and for it Im gonna worship the ground she steps! Love you, V!!!