quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Got mail!

Was chatting the other day with Toni, from UK... We do that quite often! Lol. Amazing how easy it is to talk to her!
She is a huge fan of buying on line, and I am (((SUCH))) a chicken!:o(
Anyhoo... she kindly offered herself to get me this amazing book on eBay and sent it to me. Now tell me: is she a sweetie or what?!She got the book in around 24 hrs I guess, and was so impressed with it that imediately got her one copy too! Now I am thinking on start a project with her, where we both try to make one of the little houses.

Take a look at the lovely note!

Oh my... here are the projects that started it all... I just love those little houses!Arent they lovely?

And she also included that:Chocolate, ribbons (very useful for my upcoming projects!) and draw from her sweet 2 yo little girl, Sarah!:o) Isnt it cute, or what?

5 comentários:

Jennifer disse...

That's the book I have! I'm working on Lavender House for my January Bride's Tree (yes, I know it is february! LOL) The stuff in there is JUST adorable!!!!

Carol R disse...

Great book - such cute projects.

jacq disse...

o! I love that book, I am doing a happy dance for you!

Janaina disse...

Jennifer: don´t worry... I was planning to do the same to my January ornie for the Bride´s Tree, but it took longer than we expected for me to receive the book.:o(But I am quite pleased with the one I have made instead.Keep stitching friend! Keep stitching! Can´t wait to see what you will show us!:o)
Carol: yes indeed!:o)
Jacq: it makes us 2 doing a happy dance!:o)

BeckySC disse...

OOOOH, I love the houses TOO :) :) :)