sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2009


So, as Nia asked me to update this, I thought I should share some finishings. Here they are Nia, although they aren't new for ya. LOL.

Here is the bday gift I sent my sister. I went there by June and left it hidden at my mom's. Her bday was last Thursday (Sept.17th). It's a set of tea towels. Each week day is represented on them. Domingo (Sunday), Sábado (Saturday), Sexta (Friday), Quinta (Thursday), Quarta (Wednesday), Terça(Thuesday) e Segunda (Monday).

I stitched them on linnen bands while still living at the Brazilian/Colombian border and stitching was pretty much what kept my sanity at a place with 250 ppl, 150+ of them indians who barely speak Portuguese nor Spanish, where army airplanes just got there once in a month and we prayed for God not to be sick till then. Phew... Tough years...
I had them saved all this time and earlier this year, sent them to be sewn. I just ADORE the final result!!! My sis had no idea I had this surprise for her! My mom was very proud of herself because at least THIS time she was able to keep a secret long enough! LMAO. I told her I would never trust her again on anything like that, if she had it spoiled! Yes... I am that silly when it turns about making surprises. =P
She has moved to another house, at the same neighborhood and told me she was going to proudly display her gift on her new kitchen. Yaaay! Very happy big sister over here! =D
And here the final piece! I stitched this sleeping baby by March, for Flávia, my niece and about to come godchild, as you can see here.

It took forever for me to get the final piece back. The box with it just got MIA for about 2 months!!!!! I just couldn't believe when the missing box finally arrived! I had cried a river on that! SERIOUSLY! It was such a challenge: Cibele sent me the DMC flossies, because I just CANT get DMC at here (sighs), then I sent the embroidered square to Isa and she sent me the finished piece.
I already mailed it to Rio and Flávia received it. My sis is overjoyed and I am over the moon she is pleased and have a bit of autie's love under her head every night. To Isa and Cibele, muito obrigadaaaaaaa! You rock, girls!
Sorry I'm taking so long to update things here... Things are a bit busier lately. Have my head full of some othe unexpected things and those sewing classes and new projects do steal a lot of time. =)