quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2008

Flowers everywhere

My very dear Christine, from Hanna,IN (USA) is about to get older!:o)So this time I get her bday gift ready earlier! Her kitchen is all decorated in shades of blue and yellow and, by the pics we share all the time at MSN, I know for sure she is a flowers lover.
This piece has another hidden meaning too: yellow and green are the colors of the Brazilian flag.:o)

Hope she likes it!

2 comentários:

Simone disse...

The way you describe it, this will be the perfect gift, for your friends kitchen! And look at the back, it's so neat!!!

Janaina disse...

I so hope you are right and she likes it!:o) I am always afraid ppl don't like the gifts I make for them...
Thank you on the compliments!:o)