quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010



My Very BesTesT Friend, by 4 My Boys
Hang 'Em Up - #01 (14ct Aida)

Another finish!!! Gee, Im on fire! Lol. Naaaah... This one is a very very small finish, super fast kinda thing.
That's my 1st square of the year for the Stitching For Pleasure, Stitching For Charity project.Take a look here if wanna join. Auntie Jane can sure use a few extra hands of good willing stitchers.

I completely changed the colors key on this one here. Well... I do that a lot! Lol. Love to play with colors, so I just go for it and honestly I am pleased with the final result, even it looks so diff from the original.

That's not the 1st time I stitch for the SFPSFC project, but was away from it for over a year. Was missing it... This feeling of doing something so small, together with so many other ladies around the world, and make something bigger and meaningful. Warms my heart when I think on the smiles my and the other stitchers works bring to the kids and their families.
I dont know who is gonna get this lil piece of my work here, and its not really that important, but I hope she or he can smile while looking at it. I know I already am.

6 comentários:

Blu disse...

A very cute finish!And what a lovely and generous thing to contribute like that.

nima disse...

wow...that's cute

Tracey disse...

Sweet finish!

Anônimo disse...

Eu preciso fazer os que ganhei de uma certa pessoinha linda! ;)

Ficou maravilhoso, como tudo o que vc faz!

♥ Nia disse...

Que cute! =)

Sharon disse...

Very cute!