sexta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2008

What happened this week

Husband went to he country side of the state , because of his job, and took a few pics I thought you girls would enjoy to see.
This village is named Nossa Senhora da Glória (something like Our Holy Lady of Glory) and it´s very far away from Aracaju, the city here we live.Amost all country side villages and cities are quite similar.If you see one, you see all.

Here you see the church and the park.

Here the home made sweets shop. It's a very famous place, despite it's in a very small farm.

Milk, pumpkin, banana, coconut, jaca, you name it and she has the sweet made with that!:o)Many ppl come from other states just to buy them!I am just nuts about the milk and cocnut little balls.

The shop is really small but, oh, boy... full of yumy little pots!

Thee are also cockies!!!!!:o)

So... during the time he was out he made a new friend..

Seems like they get really close...

Oh boy, ...I know that look!:o) Glad he didn't start thinking about taking his new pal with him! My poodles would not be very happy with that!

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Ruth disse...

Awww, I think your little fluffy children would like a new friend. Now, he might not like them. lol

I love the pictures -- thanks!!!!

Janaina disse...

:o)Oh, Ruth... I have been missing ya! Get in touch when you can!