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A fairy for Sávilla

Contes de Fées - DMC Mango Pratique
Édition Spéciale
This is the most recent square I've stitched for the Love Quilts-Brazil project I'm in. It's going for a 5yo girl, named Sávilla. Long time since I've last stitched for the project. I was missing it... I just love being part of that kind of projects.

The pic isn't the best, because I used my cell phone and it was already getting dark around here. Anyways, I just wanted to share this last finish with you guys.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

Trip to Uruguay and something else

First of all, I wanted to thank all girls who sent me good wishes on my tooth. You ladies are the best! It's really way better now, and thankfully pain-free. Big hug to each one of you who left a sweet comment for me!
 Now the news... Friday night I got in a bus, with a bunch of friends, and headed to the Brazil/Uruguay border. Rivera was the destination.
We have Santana do Livramento at the Brazilian side and Rivera at the Uruguayian side.
It's a really nice trip and the city, tho small, is cute. That was the second time I went to Uruguay - 1st time I went to Chuí, the last city down south Brazil - and again, I felt funny with all the Portuguse/Spanish mix. We speak Port here, but most ppl at the US and Europe think we speak Spanish. We are South America's largest country, and still... Anyways...
Rivera is a sweet little town, very calm and with some old really beautiful buildings.I just love all the little white and baby blue flags all around. That's something I miss at my own country... We don't really see many Braz flags around here.I dunno why... I think our green and yellow are just so pretty. Yes, I'm a proud Brazzie, but you may already had noticed it. Lol.
The weather was nice, very sunny, yet cool, with a refreshing breeze, inviting for walks and pictures, and that was what I did.
Here you guys can see a bit more of the city.
I was impressed that square was really clean and neat. One thing I really like are the trees. Since Brazil is such a large place we have many kinda diff trees and plants, according to where you are. It's really like having several countries in a big one. The more you go to the south the more European looking plants you see, because of the cooler weather.
Tho there are times I miss the NE side of Brazil, where I lived for the past 5 years, I surely am really happy I'm back to the south.

Uruguay doesn't tax imported products like Brazil does, so we can go there and buy all sort of things, for a waaaay cheaper price. This trip was all about it. My friends were all excited about the chance. As a Brazilian, we can buy anything we want, if we don't go over 300USD. Anything above it, will be charged. Girls with me went nuts about all the perfumes. Guys were all about eletronics. It's funny cuz when you go buy something, they always provide you with 3 diff currencies: "pesos, reais or US dollars?" On this pic here you can see one of the main streets, completely covered on duty free stores.Being a (really) small city, sellings play a huge roll on the economy there. It's interesting to see.                                             

I felt weird... I honestly don't get that fuss around famous brands of perfumes and all. D&G, Givenchy, Calvin Klein...Yes, they are nice, but Brazilian brands appeal more to my heart. I don't like the stronger smells European and US perfums have. Maybe cuz Brazil is a hotter place, I prefer the lighter smells. I think they suit better to our weather. I go by O Boticário and Natura, thanks. Plus, I don't buy things just cuz of their names... I got the chance to try that Ricci Ricci, by Nina Ricci, and honestly, I hated it. It's just TOO sweet. I looove sweet perfums, so, if I say it was TOO sweet, believe me: it is. The bottle is awesome. Someone did a great work on the design. The color and the ad is really eye catching, but the smell,... omg.  Just not for me.

Instead I got myself this really refreshing and light Gabriela Sabatini's, Ocean Sun. That's exactly the kinda thing I like. Simple, sweet, yest not TOO sweet, kinda floral one. You can use it by day or night. Kinda remember me the beach, some summer night dinner at a balcony, white dress, sun tanned skin, wind drying hair...You got the idea, right? Lol.
Girls on the bus were shocked I got only one bottle of perfume.Many got several. I got to think to myself  "they use really a lot of perfume, other than that they will end up with lots of bottles of stinky old perfumes",  I mean, come on! I rather use something till the end and then buy something else. I got to the conclusion I'm a man. Lmao. I like to think I'm just not that consumist. What about you? On a scale from zero to ten, being 10 = Carie Bradshaw ( Sex& The City... remember?), what are you?

We then went for lunch. A very cozy place named "Chic Parisien" (or at least I think that was the name). Homemade style food, really yummy and nice. The zuccini (kind of) pie and the broccoli salad was delicious. That meaty thingy at the left side of the dish is something I only ate at Uruguay, tho I know there are ppl here in Brazil who cook/eat it: tongue. Yes... A cow's tongue, with sort of a salsa over it. Weird enough but also delicious. Deserves a try, definatly.I'm slowly reducing meat on my diet and aim the day when I will be completely meat free. So far so good. Sodas are already out of my life for the past 2 years. Yaaay me!
A bit more of shopping (candies, shirts, socks, black pepper, wines, chocolates) later and off to the bus, waiting for the time to come back home.       

We had a Secret Santa on the way back home. I really like that game...The budget was R$10, but many over did it. I got an older guy's name, and offered him a bottle of wine. If I correctly recall it was a Chilean one and I'm pretty sure he liked it.Good! I got this precious Revlon 670 - Love That Red nail polish. I was actually debating with myself if I should or shouldn't buy it (after all, we do have Revlon products here, but their prices are just awesome) and ended up getting distracted with some girl screaming "omg!!!!! I need to buy this Channel!!!!!!!". Lol.  Women are really funny creatures, and I just love to be one of them. Hee hee... The girl who got my name wasn't very close to me, but correctly guessed what I would like to get. That's the 1st time I'm gonna try this brand. Let's see...
Arrived home around midnight, tired, but happy. It was a nice experience.


 Today was elections day here and I did it 1st thing in the morning. Off to Porto Alegre, and spent the morning at the antiques fair. But before it, on the road, I was the guardian angel of a little soul: a white and brown Shitzu girl was lost and wandering, calmly on the side walk. Twice she almost got hit by a car and a bus. My heart was in my mouth by then... I approached her, sweet talked her and grabbed the little one. She managed to escape home, while her mommy was busy putting up a kid's party. The look on her eyes when she got her baby - Shakira! Lol, what a funny name! - was priceless. I have 2 of my own, but couldn't keep myself from thinking about keeping her. Just the sweetest, lovable, cuddling little one. 
I just felt happy and proud of myself today. =)
What about you? How was your weekend?