terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2009

What have I been busy with...? This!!!!!!

Yaaaaaay! Finished my second piece! Need to say: it's so addicting! =)
I'm overjoyed with the final result. I got my inspiration from Mama Bliss's blog.
Showed it to my sewing teacher and we made it our own way. I added the buttons, the lace work (guipir) and the extra piece of fabric under it. Thought it gave it an extra sweet look. Flávia, my niece, is 3 moths old by next saturday, and this dress is for a 2 years old child, still I couldn't help myself from doing it! =)
*click on the image to see it enlarged.
**also thank you all girls who took some time to stop by and wish me get well soon. I'm 100% ok now and was missing you, guys! =)

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

First sewing project =D

So... A few Blogger girl friends already know: I got a second hand sewing machine ( Singer247 ). Started taking some sewing classes, took a deep breath and ta daaaaaa!

Blusinha da mamãe/Mom's simple top

This is my very 1st piece. My teacher's pattern. Of course it must be to my mother! Hahaha...
I hand cross stitched the upper side of the little pocket with her initial (her name is Elza) to add some personal touch.
I took the design from "Tout Une Vie A Border", by Sohpie Delaborde and Sylvie Castellano. I completely changed the colors.
I had already finished it days ago, but took the pic only today.
So... Is it too bad for a 1st project?