terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010


Holy Mother of Jesus, I thought I was gonna die...
Last night, around 1030pm, I felt like the whole left side of my mouth was gonna fall from my head. Terrible toothache, in fact, worst ever in my life. Off to Porto Alegre - thank God by that time of the night roads were pretty empty, so we made it really really fast - I ended up at a really huge hospital that didn't have an emergency dentist on call... WHAT?!
I could barely open my eyes 'cuz of the aweful pain and off we go to the general clinic. Yes, they've a dentist on call! It was already 11pm then. It took him 40 minutes to arrive, and during this time I was in fetal position, trying to stay as still as I could, so the pain didn't come back. It was coming in waves, killing me at some points and vanishing at others.
The dentist arrives. He asks me which one is hurting. I pointed. He sees nothing wrong. Takes an x-ray. He is sure it's not the one I pointed, but the next one that is the trouble maker. The pain is just so much, I can't even point the right one?! Ok.. Just make it stop!!!!
Three shots of anesthesia (one of them right in my nerve, made me scream so loud I couldn't believe it was really happening), numb to my ear (yes, I think that was the same drug they use on horses, 'cuz even my nose was numb! Thank you, Lord, for this...), lots of pain and a temporary fix later, he tells me I need a root canal. Yaaay! True fun.... NOT!
Got home by 130am, to crash on bed. It has been ages since I had that much of good time on a Monday night. Ouch...

funny puppy pictures-i can has cuddlez nao?

sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Seems like another life...

Oh my Godness... Can you just believe it? Over 5 months and absolutely zero postings!  Yes, I know. Not that I didn't want to... I was just living a moment in my life where everthing seemed to be in a hold. You know, when you have lots of plans and one thing after another just dont come out the way you expect? Well, it still is on the hold, and I just HATE it, but I think I'm better on managing it now.I was never good coping w/ frustrations and I dont think I will get much better doing it any sooner.  Anyways, I was really missing you guys and it was about time for the needles to get busy again, right?  Hee hee..

Recently I got the itch to stitch again and, oh boy, thanks for that. I've lots of works to show! Yaay! Let's see...Where to start? Oh, yes!

Shiny Room Designs - SR - P30

 This is the 3rd block I stitched for the Krafts Korner Charity Quilts, owned by Mary. I opted to stitch this design for the "Hearts, Bows & lots of Pink" themed quilt because I'm just as girly ! LOL. I really love all those Korean super cute mega "kawaii" style designs.

Right after the one above, I jumped on this lovely project here. I just love the final result! Dont you? Isn't it plain cuuuuute?


Since I was on the mood, I started a new project right away. Another SODA design. It was my 1st time stitching one of those, and I got addicted in a heart beat. Well... I guess you guys can tell, uh? LOL.


All blocks are washed and ironed, just waiting if I will have the time for another one, so Mary can get them all at once from the mailman. I will probably need a little truck to take all the pendant mail I have to post right now... Hee hee.

Now, changing topics... It's almost that time of the year again, and I was starting to sort out ideas for a few very special gifts. I decided to xxx a Xmas stocking for my mom this year. Untill last night I was sure I was gonna work with this one with the little angels, and though I have thought it was a bit too childish looking for a 62 years old lady, it's really lovely! I found this other one, very colorful and festive, and I think it's beautiful too! The greatest thing about this one is that it would give me the chance to use all those half skeins I have on my box. Now the cruel decision... Which one to stitch?!

I decided I could get some help from you guys and I'm counting on you for that task. Witch one of the above stockings do you think I should stitch for my mom? Please, tell me your suggestion on the comments section! I would love to hear from you!