sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2008

Wish List


-Humphrey and Mop (HC400)
-Lottie’s New Dress (HC401)
-School Games (HC402)
-Lottie and Lulu Doll (HC403)
-Tea Time (EB01)
-Fly Away (EB02)
-Love You (EB03)

AOY (All Our Yesterdays/DMC)
-Happy Days No.1440
-Beefeater No. K4140
-Yachting No. K4136
-Big Ben No. K4141
-Dovecote No. 4137
-Best Pals No. K4134
-Maiden Voyage No. K4130
-Summer Rain No. K764
-I See Ships No. K891
-Brothers No. K893
-Secrets No. K1441
-Over the Style No. K3379
-Sisters No. K4497
-Beach Delight No. K4131
-Street Party No. K5182
-Beach Huts No. K5180
-Wistful No. K5171
-Relaxing No. K5029
-Watching No. K5032
-Baby Minding No. K766
-Shell Seekers No. K763
-As Far As We Go No. K761
-Herding Home No. K760

-Pretty in Pink (Pinkeep and Fob) Book No.75
-Welcome - Book No.57
-Something Blue - Book No.78

Heritage Stitchcraft:
-Charlie’s Balloon Ride (CFBR847)
-Charlie’s Christmas Present (CFCP849)

Stoney Creek Collection:
-Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection – August 2004

Waxing Moon:
-#009 Pumpkins For Sale
-#010 Halloween Bell Pull
-#011 This Is Halloween
-#016 Winter
-#017 It’s Spring
-#021 Pumpkin Jack and Friend
-# 022 Halloween Hang-ups
-#024 Christmas In My Heart
-#025 Merry Christmas
-#031 Summer
-#40 Sugar & Spice
-#41 A Christmas Star
-#52 Joy To The World
-#53 Naughty Or Nice
-#54 Quick N Frosty
-#64 Witch’s Garden
-#69 Tooth Fairy Pillows
-#70 Hooray For Snowdays!
-#72 Simply Winter
-#73 More Mini Mittens
-#SP24 Christmas Is Made With Love

-Little carrot buttons (#2208.NT Just Another Button Co.)

-Silkweaver 32 ct Belfast Solo Linen
-32 ct Natural Pearl Linen
-32 ct Natural Belfast Linen

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