terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Blog make over and a sign up

Woo hoo! I can’t believe I did it all by myself, but I did.! =)
Completely changed my blog layout! I am so in love with it! Specially because I am as smart as a chair when it turns about computers.
I think now many people may think I am a blond girl, but people! Just take a look at the little pic of me at my profile. It just happens that I could not find a brunette pinup with a green bikini!lol. (if you find any, please let me know!)
Anyway ... I thought I should do something to celebrate it and then I signed up for my 2nd PIF at Nela’s blog. I am so thrilled I'm going to receive some little piece of treasure from Nela’s hands!=D Everytime I visit her blog it’s and endless session of “ooohhh’s” and “aaahhh’s” and I admire her work for a long time now.
You know how it works, but just in case, here are the rules:the first three people that show in a comment on THIS post that they are interested in participating will get something hand-made by me, during the next 365 days. In return, you have make the same offer on your blog: Paying it forward.
I do not have any stitching to show today because all my stitchings are for gifts or swaps, and they must stay as a secret for a longer time. BUT I can tell you that I am currently working on:
- an autumn biscornu
- a very very girly mattress pincushion
- a Xmas ornament
Backing to my needles and flossies!

12 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I love your new blog. I would love to be a part of your PIF

Simone disse...

Your new lay out looks great! I'm proud of you ;) I like the PIF-idea, but don't have time for it at the moment...

Janaina disse...

Heather: you are in! Thank you for playing!=)
Simone: thank you! I am soooo proud of myself too! You just can't imagine! Thanks for your help!I am thinking about adding a few stuff from that link you sent me. Hugs!

too_busy_to_stitch disse...

Love the blog Janaina!! Not signing up for this one, because I signed up already for the previous one!!!

Nelapx disse...

Gracias por tu bello comentarioo... bueno ya beremos que opinas cuando llegue tu regalo... besos nela

J Rae disse...

I haven't done a PIF in a while, so I think I will sign up. :-)

Love your new layout! I had to smile as soon as I saw the pinup in the green bikini. Will let you know if I find a brunette.

Janaina disse...

J Rae, thank you for signing up! =)
I smile everytime I see my new layout too... Please do get in touch if you find a brunette pinup! I will loooove it! =D

Carol R disse...

Love the new look to your blog Janaina! Will look out for a brunette in a green bikini but you could put your own photo there. I am sure you look great in your green bikini!

Janaina disse...

Hahahahahaha... Oh Carol... I don't want to scary my friend to death with a pic of me in bikini, mate! It´s not even Halloween night yet! =P

♥ Nia disse...

lol!!! Até parece que era caso disso Jana! Tens a foto que ainda há pouco vi no teu flickr!! Um show!! És muito timida isso sim :)

É sempre mais interessante quando o blog se identifica connosco :D Dei algumas dicas no mail que te enviei mas não sei se ajudei grande coisa heheheheh :p

Mas gosto muito do banner que tens, podes dar mais uns toques de verde em determinados pontos do blog ;)

Mais um PIF???!!! heheheheh
Eu bem gostava de entrar em muitos mas o tempo não estica que nem chiclete :p lol! Queria eu ter mais tempo!! :D

Abracinho graaaaande =)

Sharon disse...

Blog looks great Janaina!

Joke disse...

Hey girl, just tell me: what is wrong with being blond?? LOL