sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2008

Two Fobs for Joan

So, finally!
Earlier this year, back to January I stitched and sent a FOB pack to Joan S. ,in a swap at the HoE.
The pack never got her... =( What is truely a pitty because it was a darling little pack. Honestly I want to cry just to think all the time spent on making the tiny little piece for her... Wasted. Lost somewhere. I hope the person who got it burn forever in hell with some terrible pain!
Anywho... I re-made her a FOB.She got it a few days ago. I am impressed it got her so fast this time. That person who will BURN FOREVER IN HELL WITH SOME TERRIBLE PAIN must had made it arrives ok this time (you are not forgiven neither forgotten b%$#@ !)
Now I can show both pieces. Here is the parcel I have made for her in 1st place.Chocolates, flossies, ribbon. All in blue, her fave color.Oh God I want to cry... all MIA! That´s not fair!!!!! =(

A closer look.You cant see but I added her initials at the side of it.I designed the button flower and heart flower too, and got the specialty stitches from The Gift of Stitching. Backstitch butterfly and seagull were taken from a very old book I dont recall the name.I wrote the word "kindness" because I think that should be the word driving our lives, all the time.
The back side.A message for her.Ok, now I am really pissed it never got her! >=(

And here the 2nd piece. The one that FINALLY got her. =) Backing fabric, stitching fabric (we name it linen here, but I think it shall be named as evenwave by you guys...Not sure.), flossies, handmade star buttons by a friend of mine. Click on the pic for a larger view.

One more time, so sorry on the delay Joan. Hope you enjoy your gifts!

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Olenka's Stitches disse...

I can imagine how terrible you feel about the lost parcel, everybody would... I like the design you made for the first fob, you were really very creative. You may feel better if you make another one just for yourself, you can still restore your chart.
And the second fob is very nice too: the design is very pretty and the finishing is perfect.
Everything you do is always in good taste.
Cheer up!

Janaina disse...

Aawww... you cant be sweeter, Olenka! =) I feel better now she got the 2nd parcel.I waited and waited on the st one to arrive, but as it never happened, I decided to re-send. Glad she seems to have liked it! =D

Carol R disse...

Oh Janaina what a shame for such a lovely fob and gifts to go astray.

The second fob is really pretty too - your stitching and finishing are lovely and I just know your partner will love it.

Anônimo disse...

i am so sorry that all the hard work for your exchange went down the drain the first package was gorgeous and you could tell you had put a lot of effort into it. The second fob looks gorgeous too and i love the fabrics you sent her. sometimes you can get a proof of postage which is free of charge and anything goes wrong they can trace it.. dont know if that helps.. for future reference.

Carol disse...

Awesome job - I am so happy for both of you that your fob exchange finally arrived :-)

Ruth disse...

Wow, I love the fobs!!!! You did a great job. I'm sure the mail took the lost pack to someone who really, really needed something beautiful that day :)

Mama Joan disse...

Thank you so much again for the replacement fob. After seeing the first one you did, I want to cry also. It was a beautiful fob. You did spend alot of time on the first fob. It's truly ashame it went MIA. I really enjoyed the gifts and fob that you had to resend. I would like to make a biscornu with the thread and fabric and buttons you sent. I will be sure to let you know when I do that.

Olenka's Stitches disse...

Hi Janaina,
How are you? I hope you are better.
Get well soon!

frances disse...

I am dying over this fab!!!!!!! I can't believe it never got there! UG That is the worst I would be crying too! I wish it landed at my house! So sad! It's absolutely stunning!

Frances : )