segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2008

International RR

Woo hoo! Another finishing!=D
Remember the Stitch 4 Pleasure, Stitch 4 Charity project I told you guys in my last posting?
So, Jane is running this Around The World RR, where each box is going to be filled by a person in a different country. Here is my share.
She asked us to stitch something related to our country. This could be a landmark, local animal, natiobal costume, etc... As we are famous because of the Soccer, I picked this lovely Archie, The Bear and Spot design, by Margaret Sherry. The name of the design is "Goal".
At the right side of my share you see the group´s logo.It was designed by Lucie Heaton, specially for the project! Isn´t it just lovely?!=)
Now mailing tomorrow up to Canada!Hope it doesnt take too long to arrive.=D

5 comentários:

Ruth disse...

Too cute! I love the soccer puppy! Congrats on a wonderful finsih, my friend.

Carol R disse...

That's lovely!

Carol disse...

Sweet RR :-)

Janaina disse...

Aaaawww... you girls are just so kind!
Thank you on the cute words!

Olenka's Stitches disse...

Your Archie is so sweet in this RR. Well done!