sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

A prize and a finish

I just love when I have lots of things to tell you guys! So... lets start with the prize!

I am a volunteer stitcher for a few charity groups. Stitch For Pleasure, Stitch For Charity is one of them. It´s an UK based group, leaded by Aunty Jane.We count on some really cool ladies who stitch Aida bands for bibs and squares for confort quilts.It´s really an amazing project.Worths a few miutes of your attention.

So Jane recently created that game, where the 1st girl to stitch, picture and send her a square within the theme she suggests, wins a surprise gift.

Last month´s theme was "doll". Here is my square:

I was pleased I managed to have it finished in just a few hours... Well the design is really simple. It wasnt really hard to make.
For that I won this!!!!!!!

Isnt that just too much?! =D I think its for just a simple square... But... er... I am NOT going to send it back! Lol.

I just love that magazine! Love the small projects on it!Planning to stitch both Archie and the Paddington bear for the project Jane runs.
If you think you could stitch something too, feel free to join us. Any help is welcome! If you have some aida, floss or backing fabric you think you can donate, get in touch. Lots of british sick kids will love it! =)

Ok... now the finishing!
Here is the tea towel I made for Terrie, at CA.Its a bday gift and I am more than happy I am ahead on this! Her special date is by July, and I just need to get a few goodies to include on her pack.Her theme was birdies and bird houses, and her fave colors are blue, pink and green.I guess I managed quite well to have them .=)
It´s a part of a LHN design. Love Diane Williams´s style of designs.Took it from a sampler and completely changed the colors suggested by the designer.I do that a lot! =D
As Ruth said "the pics of your neat backs are sooo annoying!!!" , I will NOT post the pic of it this time... You will have to imagine how it looks. =D Hahahahaah...

4 comentários:

Ruth disse...

Oh sure, annoy me by NOT posting a pic of the back and letting me just suffer way over here knowing that your stitching back is amazingly neat. I'm not sure it's actually possible to stitch backs as neat as yours! lol

Love the updates, especially your doll square. It turned out really cute.

Janaina disse...

Hahahahahahaha... Well... when planning a trip to Brazil, just pass by to say hi and I can teach you how to xxx like me in 5 minutes! =D
Thank you on the nice words!
Luv ya!

Olenka's Stitches disse...

Hey, I also need a 5-minute class in stitching towels beautifully. Congratulations on your charity stitching prize! Well done!
And the towel is so very pretty!

Janaina disse...

Aaawww... you are also invited to come and have your 5 minutes class, Olga! =D
Luv ya too!