quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

My Xmas RR is back home!!!

Woo hoo!
It left home by July 2007 and is back to Brazil ! Arrived this week!
Now you tell me: isnt it beautiful?! It´s a Stoney Creek design that I really enjoyed stitching! I did the Halloween/Fall snowman. Then, Janice, from Hastings/UK did the Easter/Spring one.Above you can see the lovely postcard she sent me!What a great place to live, uh? So beautiful!
After Janice it was Patt's turn to stitch. She is at Spain.The thing is that Patt had a few problems with the fabric and after a few stitches she decided to pass it along. Viv O'Leary, from UK said she would gladly finish her part, and Patt mailed the piece to her direction.
Viv stitched the Xmas/Winter snowfellow.So it was a true 4 hands snowguy.:o)It happens that Viv is suuuuch a darling person she included a postcard too!AND a piece of pink silkevenwave!Now you tell me what is to be cute!
The last one to work on that piece was Carol, in Suffolk/UK. She did the Independent Day/Summer frosty one.

I am so so so pleased with that RR! It was a delight to get it back! I so like the design! Viv liked it so much she bought the chart online at the mo she saw it!
Here at the lft side, you can see the buttons/charm they sent me. I suggested a trade. I included 3 skeins of floss, and asked them to each one to take one skein and include a small super cute button or charm.
The birdhouse is from Janice, the handmade green flower charm is from Patt, and the purple star is from Carol.
Viv was even sweeter and included the scared cat!I love black cats and she knew that!:o)She sent me just because she is a darling!

7 comentários:

jacq disse...

O! I love it, did you know that I love snowman too!, I love them a lot,
I wish this was mine.

have a nice day

Simone disse...

Your RR looks lovely! I never did one before, but I'm considering a Neighbourhood RR....
What a great idea to do a trade at the same time!

Carol R disse...

A lovely RR. What a great idea to include postcards with exhanges/rr's - I must buy some ready :-)

tkdchick disse...

Lovely RR I've never seen that design before!

Janaina disse...

So glad you girls like it! I am so pleased I cant stop smiling! Lol.

Carol R disse...

Janaina - you have a new picture - why so shy with the last one - you are so pretty!

Janaina disse...

I AM a shy person, believe it or not!:D Now I am the orange upside down lady, instead of the one in the green bkn! Lol.I was taking the pics of the Snowmen RR and all the goodies that came with it, and started playing with the cam. I was laying on the bed (which is pretty much were I take a lot of the pics I post here,and started playing with the camera. The new headshot is one of the funny ones.It will be that pic for some loooong months now! Lol.
ps: thank you on the accomplishments! Dont make me blush!!!!!:o)