quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

I was RAKed!!!!!!

That´s true! I was RAKed by Christine Wilson, from Hanna, Indiana (USA) :D
Click on the pic to see it enlarged.
From left to right, up to down we have:
1:gorgeous scissor, scissor Fob, AND Ghiradelli chocolate!It´s 72 % pure choc! Can you believe it?! It´s the way husband likes, very dark, and intense flavours, so he pretty much "stolen" that part of the box contents...
2:exactly 72 skeins of flossies!:o) Yes... she is Santa Christine!
3:two Alma Lynne books! I was talking to her about me looking for birdhouses designs, for a bday gift exch., and she was THAT evil to not tell me she had read my thoughts and sent the perfect book to me a few weeks ago!I am not a very fond of kitties, because I am a dog lover with all my heart , but that kitties on the book... Gee! They are so cute!:o)
4:Pet designs book from ASN and evenwave! The exactly color I love! Light cream! So very treasured!
5: Cross Stitching Country magazines!!!!!!!:D Now YOU tell me: do I love or dont I love that girl?!Big smile on that part!
6:One Nighters books! There are snowppl, butterflies and angels!!!!! I love that!I am a snowppl lover even there´s no snow here in my country! I so envy Christine and all the ladies who have snow...:o(
7:Xmas designs!:o) Woohoo! I love them all!Mary Engelbreit ones are my favorites!
8:More Xmas designs!!! Love the small one in the One Nighters book! Also I am a HUGE fan of Lizzie Kate! Planning to start stitching that stocking right now!
9:Magnetic lidpads! I can place them at the fridge or at the side of my computer... Stil deciding...:o) Attention to the nicest touch: one of them has a "J" on the top of each sheet!
10: Magnets on my refrigerator!The pic is blur but... It was taken too close... My kitchen is not that large, guys! Sorry for that!I love them! If you look carefully you can see a tiny pink/purple thing. That´s Sarah´s draw hanging at my fridge too! Toni! It´s still there!:o)
11: The front side of the lovely card she sent me.A true cowgirl forever, indeed!:D
12: The nicest message ever!Inside the card she put some of those silly conffettis we all like so much! See? Horses everywhere!:D That´s SO Christine!
I am going to treasure every single thing from that awesome box, Chris!