terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

One post, two finishes

Hai! Not everyday I can show off on two finishes at the same time! Guess I got my mojo back! Was missing it... =)

Maria's handtowel/toalhinha da Maria

My mother is always asking me to stitch gifts for her to offer to ppl she really likes. Maria is her cleaning lady and here is the small treat she is gonna get in a few days! =)

*LQ Br square-2010*

From Heritage Stitchcraft - CFCL802 (From Charlie With love)
Stitched on White Aida 14ct - Brazilian brand
By Margaret Sherry

This is the square I made for a surprise quilt. The only reason Im posting it here is that Im 150% sure the recipient of the about to be surprise quilt doesnt read my blog at all. Hehehehe... (evil laugh).
Im just happy I could count on Nia's help with this projetc. On the instructions, I was told to work with 2 plies on the backstitch of those hearts. I thought it would be just too much. Didnt know what to do, and Nia  (obrigada, pekena!) was sweet enough to point me what would give me the more delicate look. I am quite pleased with the final result. What about you?

11 comentários:

Meari disse...

Congrats on your finishes!

socialsue disse...

AWWWWW! What a lovely design of Charlie's....the hearts floating out of the box. I love Margaret Sherry's design. The tea towel is awesome too!



♥ Nia disse...

heheeh pekena feliz por ajudar :D
Ficou lindo Janinha! Muito muito fofo =)
Por acaso tenho vários gráficos do Charlie mas ainda não bordei nenhum! Sem dúvida que ficou um miminho =)

E as tuas toalhinhas, como sempre, um charme! Esse alfabeto fica mesmo bonito :)

Adorei ver os teus bordados, sentia falta de te ver mexer com as agulhas! Fico feliz por teres reencontrado o teu mojo! ;) heheheh

abracinho graaaaaaaaaaaaande

Carolyn NC disse...

Love both of these - too cute!

Blu disse...

Congrats on your finishes! The Margaret Sherry one is so cute!

nima disse...

pretty and cute finish...i love the alphabets

stitcheranon disse...

Lovely finishes...well done! Def. got your mojo back lol

Mylene disse...

The name on the towel looks lovely and that is such a cute one of Margaret Sherry. Congrats on the finishs.

Anônimo disse...

Rapaz...que perfeição!

Adorei! Jana, parabéns!

Tracey disse...

I love both- the bear is so cute! My mom would like him, she loves teddy bears.

Anônimo disse...

Just lovely finishes! I love MS designs.