terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

Sunday on the road...

This last Sunday I went to Caxias do Sul, a nearby small (maybe not that small) town on the hills, around 1,5 hrs from here. My dear friend Bárbara lives there and we set a meeting so we both could enjoy the Grape Fest that is happenning there. It was awesome and I want to share some pics with you! =)

Pegando a estrada/Getting the road

I do enjoy getting the road, no matter where, but when it looks like this... OMG, totally love it!

Paradinha para o café da manhã/Pitstop for breakfast

Much needed pitstop for a quick breakfast at Morro Reuters. That side of the country is famous by the high mumber of German and Italian families and they make really good food.

Posto de gasolina/Gas station

The architecture of the buildings is quite German too, and I absolutely love it. Here is a cafe, right at the next of the gas station.It was kinda complex with stores and a small restaurant too.

No parque Dante/At Dante's park

All town was decorated for the fest. Bordeux was the color everywhere. At Dante's park, right in the middle of the town, they built this house. Kids just love it!Those lil dolls you see on it are representing the rural ppl who provide us with those delicious grapes and wines.Oh, yes! That's me! =P

Temperaturas amenas/Cooler temps

Its was such a nice morning! 26C.Gotta love it! Such a relief after the past few weeks, when temps went crazy high... This fellow here welcomes everybody who visits the town.

Fonte de vinho/Wine fountain

Still at the Dante's park, a wine fountain. Wooow... But it's not really wine. Lol. Just tinted to get everybody in the mood.

Barbara e eu!/Barbara and me!

Got my girl friend and off to the fest arena. Now, isnt she just a cutie?! =)

Eu e um típico gaúcho/Me and a typical gaúcho

Southern men typicaly dress like that and this one was right at the entrance of the arena. He was playing the accordeon, a very typical instrument here too.See all the grape looking balloons? They were everywhere.

Rainha e princesas/Queen and princesses

The Queen and the Princesses of the fest. Southern women are considerated the prettiest ones in the country.Do you agree?

Hora das compras/Shopping time

Shopping time for Bárbara! Lol.Bread they made right at the spot. Yummy!

No museu/At the museum

There was a few exhibitions of ancient things, used at the beginning of the last century, at the country side.

Amei!/Love it!

Isnt it just beautiful?! I love it!

Vista de cima/Overview

Overview of the town... Not that small, uh? It was such a beautiful day...

/Rua linda/Pretty lane

From the arena we took a drive around the town. Such a pretty place...

Sob as árvores/Under the trees

A hug under the trees! (gee, Im fat! Huuuuge cheecks! lol)

Parque dos Macaquinhos/Monkey's Park

Headed the Monkey's Park after that. Its named like that cuz in the past it used to have plenty of them on the trees. I didnt see any, so I think they moved from noisy human presence. =/

Mais do Parque dos Macaquinhos/More of the Monkey's Park

Very nice area to walk, cycle, skate, or just hang out with pets and kids.

A Serra/The hills

Day was ending and it was time to come back home. Just sneaked a final pic of the hills after stopping by a tent on the side of the road to buy a few super yummy kilos of grapes. It was such a lovely Sunday! Thanks, Barbarela!!!!

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Cyndi Harris ~ disse...

Sounds like you and your friend had a wonderful time! Such a pretty town and so much fun too!

Mary disse...

What a beautiful town! Those are some great pictures!

♥ Nia disse...

O vosso país tem muito verde lindo para apreciar! Sem dúvida que torna qualquer passeio gostoso :D

Wow! Até a fonte está da cor do vinho?!?! Isso é que é cidade em espirito de festa :p lollada!!

E com o bónus principal: a companhia da Bá!!!! Aposto que foi um passeio 5 estrelas! Agora tens de vir passear comigo... em Portugal ;)

Meari disse...

Looks like a fun time!

RuthB disse...

What a lovely adventure. Thanks for sharing it! I just love the grape balloons.

Rene Louise disse...

I am so jealous of you right now. Your photos show beautiful scenery, but the smiles on your friend and your faces tell the real story of how truly wonderful your day was. I love following your blog….I wonder how much a plane ticket from Michigan to Brazil would cost? Hmmm…it might not be too expensive of a vacation if I had a place to stay…..lol.

too_busy_to_stitch disse...

Thanks for sharing! Looks so lovely - and so WARM, lol. It's still trying to snow here :oO

Simone disse...

Great pics Janaina! I'm so jealous of all the sunshine you have there... :( And you're not fat at all! You look lovely. I can tell you had a wonderful day with your friend!

Nana's Quilts disse...

Fabulous. Thanks for all the great photos. You sure had a fun time. Soon my Dutch girls will arrive here, so we will have photos too.
Big hugs,

Lana disse...

Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful day!! And lovely weather!!! How perfect!!

socialsue disse...

What a lovely place to visit! Thank you for sharing ur photos of the grape fest ....


Mylene disse...

Looks like you had a great time with your friend. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for sharing them all.

Anônimo disse...

já postei nas fotinhas no flickr...só n entendi muito bem essa fonte cor de rosa...muito weird!

Blu disse...

Beautiful pictures! What a lovely town. Sounds like you had a great time.