segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010

Another 2009 finishing

Good morning guys!
This was the last swap I was in last year. Its from a Flickr group I'm in and I was lucky enough to be paired again with one of my favourite girls in there (they are all great crafters and absolutely adorable girls, I must say!)

Cross stitched evenwave band sewed on tea towel
(picture by Isabella Morais)

Isa is "just" the photo ninja in the group so I asked her to let me post those 2 here at my blog. I dunno how she does it, but all her pics are so clear and neat and she always makes such pretty productions on them... I admit: I am jealous! Lol. =)

Goodies sent along
(picture by Isabella Morais

This swap was to celebrate the group's annyversary and I tried to send her all goodies I thought she would like. She is also the "sewing machine ninja"! Lol. Cant wait to see what beautiful things she is gonna make with the tiny flowers fabric I sent her! Oh, that lil square thingy, where you can see "Aracaju/SE" is a ceramic magnet, painted by a local artist. =)
Hope you all are having a great day! Its raining here, such a relief after those last really hot days.
Hugs to all!

6 comentários:

nima disse...

Beautiful header image...

Lucky you...the tea towel looks very pretty

Janaina disse...

Thanks, Nima! I also love that picture and was impressed by the lovely result... Beginner's luck? =)
I'm just overjoyed Isa had enjoyed the gift herself too! In that sense, yes, I'm luck!

♥ Nia disse...

À primeira vista já estava a ler 'mais um trabalho completo em 2010' lol! Afinal este ainda pertence ao ano 'velho' hehehehe
Foi a tua primeira troquinha no grupo, não foi? :)
Gostei do 'ninja' hahahah a Isa é uma fera mesmo! Mas os teus bordados também não ficam nada atrás! Dignos de outra ninja :D Parabéns linda!

Janaina disse...

Mas se fosse outro trabalho já terminado neste ano eu seria MESMO uma ninja, pois não?! Haja velocidade! Hahahaha...
Oh, flor, obrigada pelas palavras sempre doces e animadoras! Espero que já estejas a te sentires melhorzinha.
Te amo!

Anônimo disse...


Lucky me to have such a awesome friend like you!

I'm not a ninja! aahahah I wish I could be a good photographer one day!

I sent you some goodies from Belém, I hope u like it!

The handmade item is going afterwards!

The towel is awesome guys! She stitches perfectly!

Carolyn NC disse...

So cute!