terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

Last finish of the year

And on a crafty note, here's my last finish of the year. =)

Those towels really were a hit this year!!! I made... mmm... 4 sets with this monogram?! Maybe 5... I cant recall it! Guess it tells I have really worked on a LOT of sets, huh? Lol. This one was made for a VERY VERY VERY special friend at CA, USA.
I made it secretly and my friend had it earlier, back at November, and was kind and good enough to hold it untouched till Xmas. Oh boy... I really love the way this monogram looks. *Ü*

7 comentários:

Sharon disse...

They are lovely! Thanks for sharing your Brazil photo's they are gorgeous!

Anônimo disse...

Jana, estão lindas!

Você só faz coisas lindas amiga! Congrats!

too_busy_to_stitch disse...

Love the towel - so honoured to have one of your towels here! Loved the pictures of your beautiful country too :o)

♥ Nia disse...

Realmente fizeste bastantes toalhas com monogramas, não foi?
Mas todas lindas, um sucesso! :)
Super delicadas =)

Jackie disse...

The monogram is just gorgeous!

Stephanie M. disse...

I love the monogram, what pattern is that from? I have never done towels before, but yours are beautiful!!

Janaina disse...

Thank you al, girls! =)
Stephanie:they are from a Brazilian cross stitch magazines, named "Agulha de Ouro"(The Golden Needle).