sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2008

I was chatting with a friend...

... who lives in Indianna-US. Chris was telling mee how much she did NOT want to go out to feed the horses and donkeys, as it was so so cold out side.She said she could see the animals out side her window, because the computer is right in front of it. Then I asked her, plz, take a pic of what you are watching right now. The pic above is what she was watching... Jesus... Isnt it lovely?! I have never seen snow "in person" as I live in a tropical country. Here we have summer now, and a soft breeze is blowing my hair. Ppl are planning to go to the beach tomorrow. Everybody in shorts, walking on the streets... In a few minutes I am going out to get some ice cream!Lol.
I can only imagine how silent it must be, walking on this snow... The smell... Who knows? One day I maybe go for a visit to Chris and her horses.:o)

Wish List


-Humphrey and Mop (HC400)
-Lottie’s New Dress (HC401)
-School Games (HC402)
-Lottie and Lulu Doll (HC403)
-Tea Time (EB01)
-Fly Away (EB02)
-Love You (EB03)

AOY (All Our Yesterdays/DMC)
-Happy Days No.1440
-Beefeater No. K4140
-Yachting No. K4136
-Big Ben No. K4141
-Dovecote No. 4137
-Best Pals No. K4134
-Maiden Voyage No. K4130
-Summer Rain No. K764
-I See Ships No. K891
-Brothers No. K893
-Secrets No. K1441
-Over the Style No. K3379
-Sisters No. K4497
-Beach Delight No. K4131
-Street Party No. K5182
-Beach Huts No. K5180
-Wistful No. K5171
-Relaxing No. K5029
-Watching No. K5032
-Baby Minding No. K766
-Shell Seekers No. K763
-As Far As We Go No. K761
-Herding Home No. K760

-Pretty in Pink (Pinkeep and Fob) Book No.75
-Welcome - Book No.57
-Something Blue - Book No.78

Heritage Stitchcraft:
-Charlie’s Balloon Ride (CFBR847)
-Charlie’s Christmas Present (CFCP849)

Stoney Creek Collection:
-Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection – August 2004

Waxing Moon:
-#009 Pumpkins For Sale
-#010 Halloween Bell Pull
-#011 This Is Halloween
-#016 Winter
-#017 It’s Spring
-#021 Pumpkin Jack and Friend
-# 022 Halloween Hang-ups
-#024 Christmas In My Heart
-#025 Merry Christmas
-#031 Summer
-#40 Sugar & Spice
-#41 A Christmas Star
-#52 Joy To The World
-#53 Naughty Or Nice
-#54 Quick N Frosty
-#64 Witch’s Garden
-#69 Tooth Fairy Pillows
-#70 Hooray For Snowdays!
-#72 Simply Winter
-#73 More Mini Mittens
-#SP24 Christmas Is Made With Love

-Little carrot buttons (#2208.NT Just Another Button Co.)

-Silkweaver 32 ct Belfast Solo Linen
-32 ct Natural Pearl Linen
-32 ct Natural Belfast Linen

sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2008

I am such a lucky girl...

Yaaaay! Vonna´s return gift from Crazy Exchange arrived in Brazil!:o)
Oh , lord, it´s all so beautiful, and I so dont deserve it!
She knew I was looking for one pinkeeper, as I have never saw one before, only online pics of friends and blogs. Then she sent me this adorable piece, and not quite happy with this, she included the pins and the fabric to stitch and to finish the piece!Can u believe that there´s such a darling person!? Vonna is!She even sent me an Altoid´s tin! It is the very 1st time I see or taste something like this! Yummy! The tin is the most darling thing too! I will treasure it!By looking at Vonna´s pics I got completely addicted to tins and learnt a lot about that native american, primitive style of designs. I like it a lot! Attention to how delicate is her work, and how beautiful is the colors palete.Hope I can come out with something as beautiful as this piece! Fingers crossed!
I love you sweetie! You made my day!

quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

I love New Hampshire ppl!

And here is my Xmas exch. from Mrs Carol S.!:o)
It took longer than we both expected to get me... Brazilian mail must went crazy this year.. but hey! It was Xmas by January at my home! I screamed and laugh , and even cried a bit when I saw the Xmas ornie.I REALY screamed while opening each pack... My dogs went crazy! lol...
Now, go ahead... Isn´t she awesome!? I love to be surounded by awesome on line friends! Dear,precious, little one, I love you deeply and forever!
The most creative organizer ever! She even recalled pansies are my fav. flowers!:o)

The wonderful mag and peach scented hand lotion and also needles!!!! Love it all!

Here you can see the lovely xmas card and the gorgeous pinkeeper ornament. My very 1st pinkeeper! Only had seen that on pics! Now I can risk trying to make one myself!See the design? It´s not a very good pic, but you can notice that she stitched the outlines of the state she lives in. I just love that kinda touch, personal, unique...I am going to treasure it, sweetie!

Attention to the beautiful fabric she included on the pack!I so love it!!!!!!LOVE IT!

domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2008

1st finishing of the year!:o)

This is my very 1st finishing of this year!Yay! I am so proud of myself!!

It´s a tea towel I made for an year long swap. This is for an Aussie friend. Robyn´s bday is by February so I am going to post it by tomorrow, so I am sure the pack will get her in time.

That's my 1st time in such a long exchange.. Gosh... I do need to be patient this year. I am December!:o)

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

Starting 2008 in GREAT style!

This Monday I got a nice and very expected surprise from the mail guy! Miss Ruth ( ) sent me a Xmas gift!?:o) Take a look!I could hardly put it all together in just one pic!Hehehehe
Thank you, Ruth!!!!! Love ya!