quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

I love New Hampshire ppl!

And here is my Xmas exch. from Mrs Carol S.!:o)
It took longer than we both expected to get me... Brazilian mail must went crazy this year.. but hey! It was Xmas by January at my home! I screamed and laugh , and even cried a bit when I saw the Xmas ornie.I REALY screamed while opening each pack... My dogs went crazy! lol...
Now, go ahead... Isn´t she awesome!? I love to be surounded by awesome on line friends! Dear,precious, little one, I love you deeply and forever!
The most creative organizer ever! She even recalled pansies are my fav. flowers!:o)

The wonderful mag and peach scented hand lotion and also needles!!!! Love it all!

Here you can see the lovely xmas card and the gorgeous pinkeeper ornament. My very 1st pinkeeper! Only had seen that on pics! Now I can risk trying to make one myself!See the design? It´s not a very good pic, but you can notice that she stitched the outlines of the state she lives in. I just love that kinda touch, personal, unique...I am going to treasure it, sweetie!

Attention to the beautiful fabric she included on the pack!I so love it!!!!!!LOVE IT!

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Carol disse...

Hallelujah! Oh Janaina, I was beginning to think about going and finding the chart again and re-stitching!! Wow, what a relief! I am so glad you like it!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Carol R disse...

What a lovely package from Carol! I love the new picture of you in the green bikini but why cover your face? We want to see you!

Janaina disse...

Carol S.:Believe me, I would wait more 3, 6, 8 months just to get that pack!:o) What a precious thing!Close your eyes, and imagine me giving you a big big hug and kissing your blessed little hands!
Just love the tag with your address! At the 1st time I saw it, I thought ... "that´s weird... Carol R. sent me a pack?!" because it was a Snoopy with that red clothes and black hat of the queen´s guard and a Big Ben at the backgroung. Lol.Only then I read the USPS red letters on the top! Hahahahahaha.
Carol R.:That´s the pic that inspired me to pick the name of the blog!:o)I am shy... Husband was the one who took that pic... I was trying to take the cam from his hands and , at the end, the pic came out quite funny, in my opinion... I hate taking pics of myself..:o(

tkdchick disse...

Wow! Great fun!