domingo, 14 de setembro de 2008

The other side and some little pleasant surprise

As Olga has requested me in my previous posting, here is the back side of the ornament I showed you. As you can see, I didn't close it, because I am still debating on which button I shall attach to the middle of it. I think I shall go for the simple 4 holes red button, as I like simple things... I am open to suggestions! =D

Also, I want to share with you all the sweetness I got from Dutch ppl. I once told Ina how much I love the wee tiny little tin she once surprised me with. As if it wasn't enough to surprise me like that, she sent me more tins! Take a look!

She said they were quite popular at her area and aren't they just sweet? I will use them to store my wee buttons. I just looove them all, Ina! Thank you so very much!

3 comentários:

Olenka's Stitches disse...

The ornament is going to be very nice, congratulations!

Janaina disse...

Thanks! =)

Anônimo disse...

Looks nice! Love the tins, sooo cute