sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

A fairy for Sávilla

Contes de Fées - DMC Mango Pratique
Édition Spéciale
This is the most recent square I've stitched for the Love Quilts-Brazil project I'm in. It's going for a 5yo girl, named Sávilla. Long time since I've last stitched for the project. I was missing it... I just love being part of that kind of projects.

The pic isn't the best, because I used my cell phone and it was already getting dark around here. Anyways, I just wanted to share this last finish with you guys.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

10 comentários:

Sharon disse...

It's so sweet! Really cute finish. Thanks for sharing your trip to Uruguay-I like meat but not too sure about the tongue thing-LOL

Sharon disse...

PS: Glad you feel better!

Blu disse...

What a cute finish! It's such an adorable fairy.

Anônimo disse...

Oh my Janinha...está já tinha visto esse bordado no seu flickr, creio.

Tenho que tomar vergonha e participar também...tenho receio porque meu avesso é uma droga! ehehehhe..

Linda iniciativa para ajudar as crianças doentes.

Bjo grande.

Atelier Caseiro disse...

Isa, pro LQ não importa o avesso, eles aceitam mesmo não sendo perfeito. Faz tempo que não bordo pro projeto. Deu saudades!
Jana a fadinha está um doce. Bom feriado pra você!

Carla disse...

So pretty!

♥ Nia disse...

Já tinha visto a foto mas nunca é demais dizer, está um doce! =)
Então para mim, que 'nem gosto nada' de fadinhas heheheh ;) Adorei!!

Always smiling disse...

Very pretty fairy and lovely stitching... to your comment about getting your crochet less loose. Try winding the wool tightly round your left hand fingers, that helps and of course practise. but I would say just go for it and try something small like a bag and just keep at it and not worry that it isn't as tight as you would wish. You'll be surprised how it looks and no one will say anything other than... Oh clever you!

Keep trying
Happy stitching
Chris x

Michelle disse...

Oh, cute! :) I love her twirly hat!! he he.

Simone Arrais disse...

Janaina, o bordado ficou lindo! Sua iniciativa levou a me cadastrar também no projeto, obrigada! Bjs!