sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I just watched the preview at YouTube and, OMG, so totally love it.

It is really terrifying how this same problem is quickly getting to Brazil too. For some reason ppl here tend to think everything from America is just great and they try to copy even the bad habits from there. Ok, they have really cool stuff and ideas many ppl could be inspired of, but, just like any other place in the world, they also have some problems that need to be solved... Come on... Pizza for breakfast and donnuts for lunch AND dinner? At a school? Plus all the food that's wasted by the end of the day?

No doubts Im gonna be a loyal watcher of this show  (too bad they still didnt upload the 5/5 part of this). Both thumbs up for Jamie.

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Diane disse...

I watched the first show and was shocked, both by the food served and by the attitude of the food service workers (or "lunch ladies" as they so hated to be called). I was appalled that they thought that it was perfectly acceptable to serve that crap to our kids. I have st my DVR to record the rest of the shows. I hope he was able to turn things around there, and, if so, I hope that it spreads!

The full episode is available at here: You'll have to put up with a few commercials, but their feeds are usually clearer than on you tube.

Janaina disse...

Thanks, Diane! =)
I tried the link u posted here, but its for ppl in the US territory only. Sad...=(

Irene disse...

I watched this last night for the first time and I could not get over the attitude of the "lunch ladies" one in particular.

Anônimo disse...

nunca assisti...sempre assisto o do Curtis Stone no Discovery.

Os americanos realmente tem hábitos muito feios quando o assunto é mesma aprendi muitas coisas engordativas por lá...ganhei dez quilos :) eheheheh...

♥ Nia disse...

Admiro muito este 'mocinho' heheheh Além de ser um excelente cozinheiro tem uma personalidade fantásticas e é daquelas pessoas que não têm medo de se mexer para melhorar alguma coisa no mundo! É bem verdade!
Já assisti a vários programas dele, desde os mais antigos até aos que estão a passar actualmente aqui na TV, cá em casa somos fãs! :D