sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

First sewing project =D

So... A few Blogger girl friends already know: I got a second hand sewing machine ( Singer247 ). Started taking some sewing classes, took a deep breath and ta daaaaaa!

Blusinha da mamãe/Mom's simple top

This is my very 1st piece. My teacher's pattern. Of course it must be to my mother! Hahaha...
I hand cross stitched the upper side of the little pocket with her initial (her name is Elza) to add some personal touch.
I took the design from "Tout Une Vie A Border", by Sohpie Delaborde and Sylvie Castellano. I completely changed the colors.
I had already finished it days ago, but took the pic only today.
So... Is it too bad for a 1st project?

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Sew Chic disse...

Welcome to my world of sewing :) Didnt you feel great after finishing your project, i love that feeling.

I love the attention to detail :D


Janaina disse...

You are soooooo right, Mayya! =)
It's a terrific feeling indeed!
My mom is the one who possesses the larger number of my works. Big fan of me, but, come on... she is my mom, right? =P
Thanks for the kind words!

nima disse...

wow...that looks pretty

Carolyn NC disse...

This is awesome, first time or not! I love how you personalized it, too. WTG

Cindy F. disse...

Congratulations girl!! You did an awesome job on this! Really!
I love the stitched pocket.....beautiful addition!!
Great gift for your mom:)

Mina disse...

After your post, I´m getting some courage to have some sewing classes to make clothes to my little one! Great job and it really turned to a very lovely design with your own handsewing touches!