quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2008

Boker Tov!

What? Don't you speak "Engbrew"? Neither do I! LOL.

This is my last finishing.I made this towel as a bday gift for a nice friend of mine's mom. They are both Israelis, and I wanted to make something very unique for her, so I asked Maya - my nice friend - for some lessons about her language. She taught me that "Boker Tov" means "Bom Dia".

What? Don't you know what "Bom Dia" means?! Well, that's easy! It's Portuguese, my language, for "Good Morning! =D I thought that would be a nice touch I think she is going to appreciate. Green and yellow are the Brazilian flag's colors, which are also a combo I do like a lot. It's already on the way to her hands, and as she doens't have a blog I am sure she will not see this posting. =P
It's a small "pervertion" of a Tralala! design I like a lot. I changed every color of the sections I picked for this piece, but I do think it's looking quite cheering and mind lifiting.

What do you think? Is she going to like my gift?

I am recently also working on 2 return gifts for a couple girls I love to bits: Pascale B. and Carol S. One of the gifts is already stitched, finished and packed. The other one is being finished.One is all made in red and white, and the other one has shades of green and red and cream. Both has lots of love on them, and I can't let you know anything else! =D
Bye for now!

sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2008

Let´s talk about tweeding...

So, tweeding is when you use one thread of two different colors in the same stitch. It's used to create various effects in stitching.
I recently was taking a closer look to a lovely Dimensions design, from the Golden Collection. It's a stunning piece I was planning to stitch for a very dear friend of mine. Its HUGE, but I think she deserves that. It'd take a long time to get done, but... oh well... it'd be a surprise, so there'd be no rush on that.
The thing is that the design asks for a LOT (really a LOOOOT) of tweeding. I personally I'm not a fond of tweeding AT ALL!!! It always looks funny when I stitch like that and I don't like it. I ask: do you tweed? Do you have any tip for a perfect tweeding? Is there any way you can substitute tweeding? Please, girl friends, talk to me! Any help is welcome!

I just included the pic of the piece. It's Equine Trio #35091 Isn't it breathtaking?!

quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Ha! Dutch ppl keeps surprising me!

I am part of that adorable Dutch/Belgium/American/Icelandic/French/Brazilian (did I forget any country?) group. The CrazyExchanges.I am helping to run the Matchboxes Exch. and the goal is to decorate a matchbox (the larger ones) and fill it with all sort of wee tiny little things, so you please your partner with the goodies.Its not hard to run the swaps at the group as we are a small group and the ladies play really nice.

Anyhoo... I didn't signed up for this swap, as most of you know I am trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible (and THAT´s a tough task! Lol) and I already have a few projects and swaps going on at the mo.

A few weeks ago, Ina, from the Netherlands posted at the group board that she has " just mailed out two matchboxes, one legal and one illegal. " I kinda freaked out a little (just a little) bit, and started praying "Dear Lord, please don't tell me she is going to mail any kinda drugs or pedophile stuff! Please God!" :P Of course Ina is a very very naughty girl and didn't say a thing after that message.She just giggled and held her secret , and I could just imagine her tricky face, back at the Netherlands.Yesterday night I just solved the mistery: Ina sent me one matchbox too! :D

Oh dear, it wasn't really necessary! But I am NOT going to send it back to you!Lol. It was such a pleasant surprise! Take a look at the pics!She sent me all sort of tiny little things!I love it ALL!How did you know I LOVE ladybugs!? They are so sweet!The small green heart is a tiny notebook. It's absolutely adorable!The small glass with pink beads is a lovely touch and the little girls tin is a treasure itself! I would be over te moon with just that tiny tin!Its so small! I love it!And the buttons in it are just the best! Pure cuteness!Thank you Ina, so very much for the postcard too! Netherlands is surely one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen! Hope you and all the Dutch girls here realise how lucky you are.Dankjewel, dankjewel, dankjewel !!!!!

sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2008

2 postcards and one great surprise

It´s been a long time since I last posted something at here. Well, due to some health issues, I am still slow on my stitching. =(
It didn´t stop some really nice friends to surprise me with their kindness tho.
A few days ago, Joke asked me "havent you got anything from me, lately?!" and I was very surprised. No I didnt... Till the day before yesterday.
I got a beautiful postcard from her! She went to spend her vacations at the Czech Rep. and took some time to be that gentle and send me this.It was funny because she posted it with with 2 stamps: one was Czech and the other was Dutch. =)

Then yesteday I was at Skype talking to her (jeeezz... I so love Skype! Its amazing! It was like she was the other side of the phone!!I learnt so much about her place! Groningen is way much more beautiful than I expected! And it was also quite a shock to realise I always said her name the wrong way! hahahahaha... I even learnt a bit of Dutch and, believe it or not!, Chinese!) and then there were somebody at the door. I went to check and tere was another postcard from Joke! =P
This time it was one from her hometown.The cannal is something beyond beautiful!I asked her "do you realise how lucky you are for living in such a beautiful place?!"

Whith this second pc from Joke, I also got a delightful surprise from my Thai friend, Lin.I met Lin at Flickr´s. She had told me she had sent me some "small" surprise a few days ago. I freaked out a bit "ok... have I forgot any swap I was in with you?!!!!"
"No, silly! Its just a little something I think you shall like" , she said. I wonder how would she define "little something" !!!! =D

Lin is a very talended quilter and we were partners on previous swaps at Flickr, so she pretty much knows my taste. I am always impressed with her skills on the sewing machine. At the top pic you can see one of the sides of the tote she sent me.
The lovely note she included says "Janaina,I got this package for you as a surprise or whatever...I found that you are December baby. Me too! So I decided to celebrate it in July.I hope you will enjoy this package". Yes!!!!! I totally LOVE it all! =P Here you can see the other side of the tote. We don't have snow at here (Joke was impressed with the winter standards temps at here. She said our winter is like her summer, and our summer is what they name "heat wave". LOL.) so I have never seen a snowman, "live", but it doesn't stop me from loving them. It has an inside small pocket too, and I am thinking where and when can I go to show off my new tote! Ppl will DYE here!

Lin knows I like anything "that comes in a tin", so she sent me something I have never ever seen at here. Its like a tuna tin, and I held it in my hands for a while when I got it, wondering "what is this?!". Super mega cute note pieces that come in the tin!=D
I was so excited! I had Joke on the phones and I think she should be thinking "that´s the worst nut case girl I have ever met!" =D
I am a very very lucky girl, aye?!
Hugs to all!
I just got nominated AGAIN! Wendy just gave me the Kreativ Award! Now I shall think on another 5 awesome blogs to nominate too... Tough task... There are so many! =)

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was nominated! =)

According to Joke I have good ideas and humour and so she decided I should get the award too.

I am so glad she thought on me! Thank you, J.!

Here are the rules for this award:

• The winner may put the logo on her blog.

• Put a link to the person you got the award from.

• Nominate 5 blogs.

• Put links to the blogs.

• Leave a message for your nominees.

My nominees are (in no particular order):

- Pascale: for her amazing sweetness, kindness and great craft.

- Frances: for her amazing purses and cheering chats at MSN.

-Leena: for her blog is an endless source of inspiration.

-Christine: for her (scaring) smocking needles

-Ruth: for her piles and piles of wip´s and ufo´s (its like a copy of my life!)