quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Ha! Dutch ppl keeps surprising me!

I am part of that adorable Dutch/Belgium/American/Icelandic/French/Brazilian (did I forget any country?) group. The CrazyExchanges.I am helping to run the Matchboxes Exch. and the goal is to decorate a matchbox (the larger ones) and fill it with all sort of wee tiny little things, so you please your partner with the goodies.Its not hard to run the swaps at the group as we are a small group and the ladies play really nice.

Anyhoo... I didn't signed up for this swap, as most of you know I am trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible (and THAT´s a tough task! Lol) and I already have a few projects and swaps going on at the mo.

A few weeks ago, Ina, from the Netherlands posted at the group board that she has " just mailed out two matchboxes, one legal and one illegal. " I kinda freaked out a little (just a little) bit, and started praying "Dear Lord, please don't tell me she is going to mail any kinda drugs or pedophile stuff! Please God!" :P Of course Ina is a very very naughty girl and didn't say a thing after that message.She just giggled and held her secret , and I could just imagine her tricky face, back at the Netherlands.Yesterday night I just solved the mistery: Ina sent me one matchbox too! :D

Oh dear, it wasn't really necessary! But I am NOT going to send it back to you!Lol. It was such a pleasant surprise! Take a look at the pics!She sent me all sort of tiny little things!I love it ALL!How did you know I LOVE ladybugs!? They are so sweet!The small green heart is a tiny notebook. It's absolutely adorable!The small glass with pink beads is a lovely touch and the little girls tin is a treasure itself! I would be over te moon with just that tiny tin!Its so small! I love it!And the buttons in it are just the best! Pure cuteness!Thank you Ina, so very much for the postcard too! Netherlands is surely one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen! Hope you and all the Dutch girls here realise how lucky you are.Dankjewel, dankjewel, dankjewel !!!!!

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Joke disse...

We are so lucky to have you in our group, Janaina, and Ina did a great thing, sending you such a surprise!

Janaina disse...

Aaaawww... thank you Joke, for the so very nice words! =)

Chiloe disse...

HOw could I stay away from a stitcher in a green bikini for such a ;ong time? lol I'm using the mazeguy smileys.http://www.mazeguy.net/smilies.html You have to choose the html for the blogs ;-)

Hope you feel better ;)

If you want a postcard: let me know ;-)

Janaina disse...

Hahahahaha... Oh thank you so very much, Chiloe! =D Already bookmarked the link you sent me! You are the best!
Oh, I would love a postcard from you! =)
I read right you are at Texa/US. Ohhh, a cowgirl!=)
Going to get in touch so I can send you my snail addy!
Thank you one more time!