sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

My 1st Crazy Exch. came from the Netherlands!

Woo hoo!
Simone de Jong sent me the most exquisite and unusual piece!It's a magic book! The tricky thing is that it opens both from right to left and from left to right.
The lovely stitching piece would be enough but she is so talented she finished this into this magic book.
It was my 1st time seeing something like this. I will treasure it!
I met Simone at Crazy Exchanges group,and I am very thankful of it. She is just a darling person!

Husband and I were very intrigued with that piece.Isnt it lovely?

At the left you see the flossies she sent me and the lovey card. At the right, you see the hugd she included in the pack. Simone, sweetie, I got them all!:o)

Love you deeply!

8 comentários:

Carol R disse...

What an usual and clever gift.

Janaina disse...

Isnt it? I do think so!:o)

cowgirlfromhanna disse...

Awesome gift!! And you displayed it so neatly on your blog!

Carol disse...

Lovely exchange! Simone really does beautiful work!

Ruth disse...

This is so cool! What a lovely exhange :)

Olenka's Stitches disse...

A wonderful gift!

Anônimo disse...

very good gift and how neat you are with your flosses i have several boxes but they are no in any sort of order you have given me an incentive to have a tidy up lol

Janaina disse...

Hahahahahaha... Glad I could be any inspiration for you, dear! Hugs!