sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007

Welcome to my blog!

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Carol disse...

I found your blog! Hi Janaina! I got your email and will look at the site for you tonight. I hope I can help!! Gee, no sign of your CE Christmas Exchange, huh? Bugger!!! I am also waiting for packages to arrive in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore too, as well as one from Malaysia that was mailed to me on November 17th. That's a lot of delayed mail!!

Janaina disse...

Hey you!:o)
Glad you you me here!
No... so far no pack.. I have packs to receive from the US too...Damn, lazy post guys!:o(

Carol R disse...

Hi Janaina
See you got your blog up and running too! I worked all day yesterday on mine. It still needs some 'jazzing' up but I am sure I will get there in the end. We will share a "bloganniversary" next year! I have bookmarked your blog for future visits.
Happy blogging and a Happy New Year to you

♥ Nia disse...

Oi linda!
Na semana passada lá ganhei inspiração comecei o meu blog :)
Espero que se venha a revelar um local bem agradável e ao gosto das amigas! =)
Visita-me um destes dias ;)
bj-bj-bj, Nia